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  • Markus gets A+++ marks from me.  Not only is he an excellent birder, but he is also a wonderful traveling companion.  Our conversations were varied and interesting.  He not only knows a lot about nature; he also participated in talks about a wide variety of subjects. We learned a lot about South Africa.  His sense of humor is wonderful.  His enthusiasm kept us all on a anticipatory high.  His leading a tour will be a big plus for me when I am deciding on another trip.

    SC, SA Mega & Kruger
  • We had an absolutely fabulous safari in Tanzania!  The sights we saw were unbelievable – the giraffe standing at the edge of the road, the lion walking up to our vehicle and laying in our shadow, the dik-dik walking down the centre of the road toward us, the many leopards and cheetahs so close and of course, the wildebeest migration.  So much more!  Just unbelievable!  
    Markus was a marvelous leader.  He was so good with our granddaughters and could relate to them so well.  He was a big help to me and made sure I saw some birds.  It was a good combination of birds and animals.  Everyone else enjoyed the birds, also.
    I could go on and on.  Rockjumper has top-notch people.  Thanks for all the help. 

  • Markus displayed his exceptional birding skills in additional to wonderful people management skills.  Birds were obviously a delight and Markus was able to maintain his infectious enthusiasm for birds for the whole tour.  At the same time Markus was very considerate of various people’s needs to make the tour a memorable time for all.

    GR, Uganda
  • Thailand was truly a wonderful trip! Markus is unbelievable in getting everyone on the bird! His recognizing and scoping of the birds is superb. Beyond this he is [also] a very kind man with a great personality who keeps things on an even keel, making sure there is lots of laughter. Because of this the group “gelled” very quickly . I plan to do more Rockjumper tours because of the information and encouragement he gave me and I hope he is the leader of at least some of the tours.

    PSR, Thailand
  • The faster pace of the tour (South Africa Mega) was just what I wanted, and maximized chances for as many endemics as possible without adding more days.  Markus was on top of things throughout, his timing and logistics were flawless, and his spotting skills are excellent.  His precision served the group well and the group size (6) was ideal.  He also was great with the many mammals, positioning the vehicle for the best viewing and photography, and sharing information about life histories.  I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and just wish I could do it all over again!

    RB, SA Mega
  • Markus’s ability to find, ID, and scope birds for us (apparently simultaneously, sometimes along with photographing it) was absolutely amazing, and we ended up with some very remarkable sightings of what I gather are generally quite difficult birds. His knowledge of the birds of the region and their natural history is comprehensive, and his enthusiasm added immeasurably to our enjoyment of the trip. He was always on alert, calling out birds as we drove or walked, somehow kept track of what everyone had or had not seen well so far, and was very patient about repeating ID tips. He did a great job of keeping us informed of the daily plans – both logistics and, birdwise, the rationale for choices of where we would stop and what our current targets were. Though we were a small group, we did represent a range on the spectrum of watchers and listers, and Markus did a fine job of catering to different interests. Markus seemed to have an endless store of energy, and along with his guiding and organizing skills, he was a fun travel companion. He even provided us with copies of some of his fantastic photos from the trip at the end, so after each long day of guiding, he must also have been spending his evening time working on his photos.

    KH, Budget Bhutan 2015
  • A special thanks to you, Markus, you are an excellent guide. Your spotting and identification abilities are astounding to me. Also, you had so many ‘crazy’ things popping up on that trip [Cameroon 2011] and you handled each magnificently. Right after I got back, I started looking at which future tours you will be leading. I certainly hope to cross paths with you again. Also, tell the staff who handled all my questions and got information to me so quickly… hello and you did a wonderful job. Thanks to all of you.

    GM, Cameroon 2011
  • I reserve “excellent” for outstanding services only, but I am very  happy to give it to Markus because his enthusiasm and knowledge of ALL wildlife, along with a sense of humour, gave us one of the best wildlife tours we have ever had.

    JP, Kenya and Tanzania II 2016
  • Markus is brilliant, very friendly and outgoing, and hugely determined to get you to see all the birds … He is truly genuine, a remarkable young man.

    FM, Thailand
  • Where do I begin? Our [private] Tanzanian safari had unbelievable sightings daily – from four lion cubs coming to within 10 feet of our vehicle, to a leopard stalking, catching and climbing a tree with his prey, to witnessing the wildebeest migration. The animal interaction exceeded anything I could have imagined. To our guide Markus – thank you for willingly sharing your knowledge, whether it be about birds, animals or photography. I look forward to traveling with you again.

    MAH, Tanzania
  • Markus was great, I’ve been looking forward to travelling with him. His birding skills and management of the group were both excellent.

    CM, Ghana 2015
  • Markus is an exceptional guide, and I enjoy his dry wit. Despite a knee replacement only 3 months ago, I took this tout at this time in a large part because Markus was the guide.

    JN, Ghana 2015
  • Everything was done by all staff to make the trip safe, fun and targets (birds, lemurs, etc) were actively sought out

    MR, Madagascar
  • Markus was an excellent leader and in control the group at all times.  Of course he has super-human vision & hearing, but he was also very helpful.  And most wonderfully, he gave everyone who wanted a copy of some of his bird photos from the trip.  I am not a photographer and this was so wonderful – I have viewed them several times since I returned and I will certainly view them a number of times in the future.  The best possible souvenir from the trip!

    EL, Ghana 2015
  • I had the best time imaginable [in Cameroon]. Occasionally I had to pinch myself to make sure it was all really happening. And Markus enhanced the whole experience with his vast knowledge, unflagging enthusiasm and sweet, yet saucy, disposition. I cannot praise him enough and would tour again with him in a heartbeat.  He was a joy to travel with.  I also want to commend…your Cameroon ground agent. He was a lot of fun and took very good care of us….made sure that things ran smoothly and kept us well fed. Thanks to Rockjumper and all involved for making it a super fun trip….and the birds weren’t bad either :-).

    LH, Camerron 2012
  • I wanted to say what a fantastic trip we had! The tour was well organised, we didn’t have to change accommodation every day, the vehicles and drivers were excellent (after one of them was replaced) and we saw a great variety of habitats. Markus and Rich were absolutely wonderful, and very patient with everyone in the group. We were a diverse group in terms of age/energy levels, experience travelling in developing countries, and birding skills and knowledge. Yet Markus and Rich worked hard to get everyone on to as many birds and mammals as possible, and catered for everyone’s needs extremely well. They are both extremely professional, yet also a lot of fun and we had some truly hilarious moments, especially on our night drives. How do you choose between looking at an Aardwolf and an Aardvark when they are both in view at the same time? And who could forget Markus’s dying calf imitation to lure in Spotted Hyenas? I must say the impressive mammal list was quite unexpected. Ethiopia is truly an amazing destination – and certainly rivals birding in Southern Africa.

    I look forward to travelling with Rockjumper in the future and have been singing your praises to birders here in Canberra.

    Ethiopia Endemics – Lashko
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