Photograph by Adam Riley
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The male Great Argus is one of the largest of all pheasants, measuring up to 2m (6’6”) in length. The bulk of this amazing length is comprised of tail feathers, and in fact the longest feather of any bird is from the Great Argus (the record being a phenomenal 173 cm (5’7”) long!). Another remarkable feature are the huge secondary wing feathers, which are decorated with a series of large eye-spots, or “ocelli”. It is from these that the name Argus is derived, in reference to the mythological hundred-eyed giant, Argus Panaptes. This amazing bird is likely to be observed at a display site on our upcoming (and discounted) Malaysia & Borneo – Rainforest Birds & Mammals tour, scheduled for 18 February to 7 March 2012, along with a whole host of other fantastic Malaysian birds and wildlife.

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