Meet Harriet Faithfull (Part Time Tour Leader)


Holly’s passion for nature and wildlife began at a young age growing up in rural England. Her curiosity about the world took her traveling at the age of 17, and she has not looked back since, with her interest in wildlife taking her to more than 100 countries. While continuing her travels Holly qualified as a lawyer, spending seven years as a commercial litigator for an international law firm in London before her wanderlust finally drew her away. Since 2000 she has been involved in ecotourism full-time, scouting and operating wildlife-watching trips all over the world, as well as guiding tours to more than 50 countries on all seven continents.

CE, Antarctica 2017

I had a wonderful time. Our Rockjumper guide, Holly Faithfull, was terrific. She made the cruise, which was already excellent, even better.

LD, Sri Lanka 2018

This was my last hard core birding tour, and I did it so that I could have David Hoddinott as my guide again. He is so very superb and I got quite teary giving him a hug goodbye! I also enjoyed Holly Faithfull a great deal. And our entire group was most delightful.

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