Image of the Month March 2020: The Road Ahead. A scene from a Rockjumper Namibia tour.

Photographer: Adam Riley   Destination: Namibia

Dear Rockjumper Friends and Family,
Things are different now. We are at a unique point in history for which we will all remember the before and the after of this time. 2020 will forever be imprinted in our memories due to the profound impact COVID-19 is having across the world. The growing number of country lock downs has for the first time in our 21 years, resulted in us relocating all our office staff offsite, and we are postponing dozens of tours. Despite the disruption, our team is 100% focused. Like other friends in the travel industry, we are navigating our way through this crisis and want to remind you - we are here for you.

We want to use this space today to acknowledge our Rockjumper tour leaders and you, our dedicated guests and friends. Making memories, building unique travel experiences, and sharing the richness of the natural world is what brings guide and guest together, time and again. The current conditions do not allow for much of that, but they do allow us to reflect and celebrate each other. This month’s featured image should be familiar to you, even if you don’t recognize the site… A Rockjumper group moving ahead on the road less traveled, leader and friends seeking birds and animals, always ready to marvel at nature together.

Each tour is a microcosm of life. Some moments on our trips are tense. Will we find what we seek? Will we be able to get where we need to, and will the weather cooperate? Traveling is never completely devoid of anxiety as it is an investment of time and money, and of hope too. Some moments on tours are thrilling and awe-inspiring. These allow us to be present in a way few other callings do. Other moments are relaxed, while others are intensely focused and serious. Others are anything but serious, and quite the opposite. We cherish those perhaps above all others. Regardless, like you, we cannot wait to return to a time when seeing the next bird or reaching the next destination is our biggest concern.

Until then, we have you in our thoughts. And we know that you have us in yours, including and perhaps most of all, our tour leaders. They remain ready, along with our dedicated office team. Should you seek advice, need assistance, or just want to connect, use email or social media to reach out. Check in, say hi, and let’s hold each other close even as we must remain distant and apart. Most importantly, keep your loved ones safe and healthy. Let’s flatten the curve, so that with a little luck we can return to something resembling normalcy, hopefully soon.

Thanks to all of you - our guests, colleagues and conservation partners for your incredible support and positive messages during these uncertain and challenging times. We deeply appreciate those of you who have postponed tours and committed to travel as soon as this crisis is over. It is a huge help to our incredible tour leaders and support staff. Please continue to reach out to your favorite guides, and other Rockjumper friends. Know that we are here, taking this time to do some house-keeping, but also making ready for our next adventure together.

Finally, we also wish to acknowledge the selfless dedication of those in our medical fraternity, the nurses, doctors and physicians, who are tackling this debilitating COVID-19.  They are the ones with their lives on the line, fighting to control this virus. Thank you.

Please, stay out of trouble and in touch.
Yours in birding,

Team Rockjumper

PS. In the meantime, we invite you to look through the gallery we have put together to celebrate life on tour.