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Nome lies on the Seward Peninsula and juts into the Bering Sea. It’s a frontier town in a world where few such curiosities remain. Bordered on the west and south by the Bering Sea, the north and east by miles of trackless wilderness. Nome is a fascinating and challenging destination, accessible only by boat and aeroplane. During June, the midnight sun is at its brightest, the tundra is in full bloom, and the birds and mammals are breeding and therefore very active. Our tour will cover the prime birding areas along the coast, the tundra and the only boreal forest on the Seward Peninsula. Most of the birds are in their resplendent breeding plumage, rarely if ever seen in the ‘lower 48’. We’ll also make an extra effort to locate some of the Asian species that regularly occur around Nome. The road system here provides the very best access to the Alaska wilderness without an aeroplane. This is typically the best trip for Asian vagrants, and we expect to see around 90+ bird species, including Black-throated (Arctic) and Yellow-billed Loons, Bristle-thighed Curlew, Sabine’s Gull, Gyrfalcon, Bluethroat, Eastern Yellow and White Wagtails. Mammal possibilities include the huge Grizzly (Brown) Bear, Moose, Caribou (some years), and Muskox. Sometimes, with great luck, a Beluga or Wolverine is spotted! Our lodging overlooks the Bering Sea, and being only a few years old offers the most comfortable accommodations in the area.

Our trip to magnificent Denali National Park and the wilderness surrounding it is as much about large mammals, and a big (!) mountain, as it is about birds. With the blessing of the weather gods, the scenery can be beyond marvellous, and we expect to see such stellar species as Trumpeter Swan, Willow Ptarmigan, Gyrfalcon, Long-tailed Jaeger, and perhaps even Northern Hawk-Owl and Smith's Longspur. And typically we also see a number of Grizzly Bears (often sows with cubs) as well as Caribou scattered about, some Dall Sheep, Moose and, if we are lucky, perhaps even Wolf. We’ll also travel the gravel Denali Highway that parallels the stunning Alaska Range for 135 miles in our quest to see as many of the region’s special birds as possible.

Please note: these prices are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.

2021: Due to a landslide in 2020 - the denali Highway is closed at mile 43, hence it will not be possible to reach the Eiselson Visitor Center. Whilst our game viewing should not be impacted, the dramatic views of the bulk of the Denali massif will only be possible from much further away than usual. 

Tour Facts Top Birds
Black-throated (Arctic) & Yellow-billed Loons, Bristle-thighed Curlew, Sabine’s Gull, Gyrfalcon, Bluethroat, Eastern Yellow & White Wagtails, Trumpeter Swan, Willow Ptarmigan, Long-tailed Jaeger, Northern Hawk-Owl, Smith's Longspur, Emperor Goose, Golden Eagle, Wandering Tattler, Horned & Tufted Puffins, Pigeon & Black Guillemots, Common Murre, Boreal Chickadee, American Three-toed & Black-backed Woodpecker, Bohemian Waxwing
Top Mammals
Grizzly (Brown) Bear, Moose, Caribou (some years), Muskox (rare), Wolverine (rare), Dall Sheep, Wolf, Spotted Seal, Coyote, Hoary Marmot
Habitats Covered
barren tundra, stunted temperate growth forests, boreal forest, rocky shorelines, taiga forest, mountain ranges, lakes.
Expected Climate
20’s to 50’s; mild at times, but can be quite cold.
Max Group Size
14 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local birding
Tour Pace & Walking
mostly easy; one optional, moderate to difficult hike for Bristle-thighed Curlew.
very comfortable at most locations, one rustic lodge with shared facilities
Ease of Birding
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Itinerary Voice Note Client Testimonials

Stephen Lorenz and Dave Krueper were terrific guides. Complemented each other beautifully. Thanks so much for an incredible experience.

Stephan was an outstanding guide, as usual, and Claudia was a great spotter and helper. The lodging in Barrow was better than expected, as was the food there.

Stephan Lorenz is an outstanding guide. His knowledge of birds - including their identification, behaviours and biology - is exceptional. He and his partner Claudia provided excellent service to the clients. They made sure all our interests and needs were attended to, and they actively engaged in making the trip both educational and fun.

Stephan Lorenz was great. He knew every bird and plant and was helpful to me in getting the photos that I wanted.

Stephan Lorenz is an exceptional guide, being both a wizard at finding and identifying birds and also dealing with people. He has a kind and funny manner that puts everyone at ease. I am glad that Rockjumper has hired him and look forward to being on some of his trips in the future.

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