Our tour of northeast Argentina focusses predominantly on the province of Misiones. Here we will search the last remnants of San Pedro’s native Araucaria Forest and visit one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world, the gargantuan Cataratas del Iguazú (Iguazú Falls)! The beautiful Atlantic forests in the area still hold specials like Black-fronted Piping Guan, Canebrake Groundcreeper, Araucaria Tit-Spinetail and Vinaceous-breasted Amazon. We then move across to the extensive Esteros del Iberá for some remarkable wetland birding at one of the largest marshland ecosystems in the country. Seedeaters are among the most special and well represented families here and headline species include the recently described Iberá Seedeater and others such as Marsh, Chestnut and Dark-throated while additional specials such as Strange-tailed Tyrant, Ochre-breasted Pipit and Black-and-white Monjita are highly localised targets. Our tour concludes with visits to El Palmar National Park and Ceibas where we will be on the careful lookout for the scarce Glaucous-blue Grosbeak, South American Painted-snipe, Curve-billed and Straight-billed Reedhaunters, Ash-colored Cuckoo and Saffron-cowled Blackbird.

Top Birds

Vinaceous-breasted Amazon; Black-fronted Piping Guan; Araucaria Tit-Spinetail; Stripe-backed Bittern; Strange-tailed Tyrant; Lesser Grass Finch; Saffron-cowled & Scarlet-headed Blackbirds; Black-capped Donacobius; Ibera, Marsh, Tawny-bellied, Dark-throated, Rufous-rumped, Rusty-collared, Double-collared & Chestnut Seedeaters; Warbling & Crested Doraditos; Chicli Spinetail; Grey & Black-and-white Monjitas; Short-billed Canastero; Straight-billed & Curve-billed Reedhaunters; Diademed & Guira Tanagers; Sword-tailed Hummingbird; Chestnut-bellied Euphonia; Surucua Trogon; Red-ruffed Fruitcrow; Blue Manakin; Plush-crested Jay; Great Dusky Swift; Toco & Green-billed Toucans; Saffron & Spot-billed Toucanets; Spot-backed Antshrike; Black-billed Scythebill; Southern Antpipit; Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper; Dusky-tailed & Bertoni’s Antbirds; Maroon-bellied Parakeet; Ochre-breasted Pipit; Glaucous-blue Grosbeak; South American Painted-snipe; Ash-colored Cuckoo.

Top Mammals

Azara's Capuchin; Black-and-gold Howler Monkey; Grey Brocket; Marsh Deer; Capybara; Southern River Otter; Jaguarundi; South American Coati; Azara's Agouti; Argentine Plains Viscacha; Coypu.

Habitats Covered

araucaria forest, interior atlantic forest, rainforest, woodland, lagoons, wetlands, marshlands, rivers, streams

Expected Climate

hot and humid in the lower lying regions, moderate to cold when exposed at Ibera, strong winds can be expected at times

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking

mostly relaxed



Ease of Birding

moderate with some tricky species

Other Attractions

spectacular scenery, incredible Iguazú falls, pristine & little-explored wilderness, great cuisine, super-friendly people

Photographic Opportunities

good to excellent

What our clients say about us

Peter Kaestner
LE, Argentina 2022

It was an honor and a pleasure to travel with Peter Kaestner, an uncommonly quiet but knowledgeable, dedicated, focused, transparent, kind and caring individual, with a sense of humor and a willingness to take the group's wants and needs into account when issues arose. The whole tour was a rich and rewarding experience!

Peter Kaestner
GL & CL, Argentina 2022

Peter Kaestner was an excellent guide, combining outstanding bird-finding and identification abilities, capable and efficient logistical planning, and strong social and interpersonal skills. One especially commendable feature of Peter's bird guiding is his limiting of playback to the minimum needed for the bird to come out and be seen by the whole group (rather than for optimal photos or prolonged views), thereby minimizing disturbance to what are often localized or threatened bird species. We hope that other Rockjumper guides will adopt Peter's approach.

Peter Kaestner
FO, Argentina 2022

Peter is an excellent guide! He’s very friendly and did an excellent job is solving an problem that came along. PLU, He knows the birds well and would help us key in on the differences. I will go with him again! Pablo was our local guide and did a phenomenal job as well.

Stephan Lorenz
TM, Argentina 2023

This trip was excellent, the guide excellent, and the group experience was great.

Peter Kaestner
EM, Argentina 2022

This was an excellent tour and Peter did a very good job. He made the transition from birder/lister to tour guide very well. He was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and personable. I also liked that he allowed the tour participants to provide input and vote on any potential itinerary modifications and provided us with the information needed to make decisions. All good.

Argentina - Northeast: Iguazú, Misiones & Ibera 2024

20 Nov 2024 - 30 Nov 2024 (11 days)

USD6,295 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Stuart Elsom

Tour price (Per person): USD6,295 * GBP5,064 * EUR5,924 * AUD9,814

Single Supplement: USD950 * GBP764 * EUR894 * AUD1,481

Can be linked with: Argentina & Chile - Southern Patagonia incl. Torres del Paine NP 2024

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