The Mid Atlantic islands of Tristan da Cunha, Saint Helena and Ascension are the most remote inhabited places on Planet Earth. This once-in-a-lifetime voyage on our very own vessel, Ocean Albatros, takes you to nine of the Mid Atlantic islands. Each of these islands is a paradise for birders and cetacean enthusiasts, promising a wealth of nature sights, from endemic species to breath-taking mountain and volcanic landscapes. Days at sea will be highlighted with amazing sea bird life, migrating whales as well as unique lectures by our expert staff – and of course delicious dining!

The voyage takes place during March and April. The prevailing winds will be westerly during the first part of the cruise, until we reach Saint Helena and the southeast trade winds. In other words: tailwinds all along!

Our brand-new expedition vessel Ocean Albatros offers all the comfort needed for this long voyage. It is specifically designed to provide a better expedition experience than any other ship. The patented X-bow and zero speed stabilizers provide a calmer ride and reduces discomfort for passengers with a tendency to seasickness.

Please note: these prices are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.

2024 Tour price is an estimate and will likely change. Tour dates could be adjusted.

Tour Facts Top Birds
St Helena Plover; Inaccessible Island Rail; Ascension Frigatebird; Inaccessible Island Finch; Falkland Steamer Duck; Dolphin Gull; Tristan, Wandering, Southern Royal, Northern Royal, Grey-headed, Atlantic Yellow-nosed, Sooty, Light-mantled & Black-browed Albatrosses; King, Macaroni, Gentoo, Northern Rockhopper Penguin & Chinstrap Penguins; Antarctic, Blue, Atlantic, Slender-billed, Great-winged, White-headed, Soft-plumaged, Atlantic, White-chinned, Spectacled, Kerguelen, Bulwer’s, Fea's & Grey Petrels; White-faced, Band-rumped (Madeiran), Leach’s, Black-bellied & White-bellied Storm Petrels; Great, Sooty, Cory’s, Boyd’s, Cape Verde & Little Shearwaters; Broad-billed & Antarctic Prions; Parasitic & Long-tailed Jaegers; White Tern; Black Noddy; Red-billed & White-tailed Tropicbirds; Masked, Brown & Red-footed Boobys; South Georgia Diving Petrel; South Georgia Shag; South Georgia Pipit; Yellow-billed Pintail; Gough Moorhen; Gough Bunting; Tristan Thrush; Sooty Tern; Cape Verde Swift; Common Kestrel (Alexander’s Kestrel), Iago Sparrow.
Top Mammals
Peale’s, Commerson's, Hourglass, Spinner, Pantropical, Dusky, Rough-toothed, Risso’s & Clymene Dolphins; Sowerby’s Beaked, Cuvier’s Beaked, Blainville’s Beaked, Short-finned Pilot, Long-finned Pilot, Southern Right, Sperm, Fin, Dwarf Minke, Humpback, Killer & False Killer Whales; Southern Elephant, Antarctic & Subantarctic Fur Seals.
Habitats Covered
coastal and pelagic waters, sub-Antarctic islands, tropical islands
Expected Climate
temperate to subzero, sunny and calm to gale force conditions can be expected
Max Group Size
dependant on ship capacity
Tour Pace & Walking
easy pace, mostly undemanding walks
comfortable expedition cruise ship comfortable expedition cruise ship
Ease of Birding
Other Attractions
spectacular sub-Antarctic scenery, nesting albatrosses, vast penguin colonies, Ernest Shackleton’s grave, old whaling stations, remotests island on planet Earth
Photographic Opportunities
good to excellent
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Markus was an awesome guide. His knowledge and people skills were excellent. This is one of the top birding tours I have taken. RBT was easy to work with and all your help was appreciated. I will keep the company in mind when I travel again. Thanks again for enabling me to have a once in a life time memorable trip.

Holly was great! I hope to travel with her again.

I had a wonderful time, I give the highest rating to the staff and crew. Our Rockjumper guide, Holly Faithfull was terrific. She made the cruise, which was excellent, even better!

Dusan was a big hit with most of the people onboard. The obsessed birders appreciated having a bird expert on board who would lead the quest to see everything. I'm certain everyone knew him by the 5th day. He even volunteered to do a presentation on the Galapagos that was very well attended and very professionally done.

I had a wonderful time. Our Rockjumper guide, Holly Faithfull, was terrific. She made the cruise, which was already excellent, even better.

Dates, Leaders and Pricing
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