Our tour extension to the Cape York Peninsula focuses on the vast lowland rainforests of Iron Range National Park and surrounds, while also targeting the Atherton Tableland endemics and the arid woodlands of Lakefield National Park.

Cape York harbours a suite of more typical New Guinea species such as the impressive Palm Cockatoo, Red-cheeked and Eclectus Parrots, White-faced Robin, Yellow-billed Kingfisher and Magnificent Riflebird, as well as several species unique to the Peninsula like White-streaked Honeyeater, Northern Scrub Robin and Frill-necked Monarch. We also target the incredibly beautiful and localised Golden-shouldered Parrot.

*2024 Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour Facts Top Birds
Palm Cockatoo, Red-cheeked & Eclectus Parrots, White-faced Robin, Yellow-billed Kingfisher, Magnificent Riflebird, Trumpet Manucode, Yellow-legged Flyrobin, White-streaked & Green-backed Honeyeaters, Northern Scrub Robin, Frill-necked & White-eared Monarchs, Red Goshawk, Black-breasted Buzzard, Black Falcon, Golden-shouldered Parrot, Masked, Crimson & Black-throated Finches, Great & Fawn-breasted Bowerbirds, Red-browed Pardalote, Magpie Goose, Black-eared Catbird, Noisy Pitta, White-browed & Mangrove Robins, Beach Stone-curlew, Yellow-breasted Boatbill, Red-necked Crake, Pale-vented Bush-hen, Southern Cassowary, Papuan & Marbled Frogmouths, Rufous Owl, Australian Masked Owl, Southern Boobook, Azure Kingfisher, Red-backed & Lovely Fairywrens, Australian Bustard and Squatter Pigeon.
Top Mammals
Duck-billed Platypus, Antilopine Wallaroo, Agile Wallaby, Cape York Rock Wallaby, Common Spotted Cuscus, Striped Possum, Northern Quoll, Red-cheeked Dunnart, Rufous Spiny Bandicoot, Red-legged Pademelon, Cape York Melomys, Little Red and Black Flying Foxes
Habitats Covered
lowland and mid-altitude rainforest and forest-edge, moist and arid Eucalyptus woodlands, open plains and grassland, Coastal mangroves and mudflats, coastal and fresh-water wetlands
Expected Climate
hot to warm days, fairly humid in the extreme north, not the rainy season but some rain may still be encountered
Max Group Size
4 with 1 Local leader
Tour Pace & Walking
this is a moderately intense birding tour with a fair pace, several long drives on rugged roads and generally long and on-the-go days
good throughout
Ease of Birding
easy to moderate with some fairly challenging rain-forest birding
Other Attractions
Fairly remote and untouched country-side and wilderness, beautiful, lush, tall, verdant lowland rain-forest in the Iron Range
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

It was a fantastic trip. Very satisfying and Angus did a great job : he really showed us the birds and took great care that we had everything we wanted and were able to enjoy our tour.

Erik Forsyth went above and beyond to give personal attention to each participant. How does he do it? Lack of sleep and a packed itinerary would challenge the best guide, but he seems to always be positive and light-hearted. Cracking dry jokes and comments – loved it!

We traveled through strangely beautiful and interesting areas and were able to get great birds – almost all the endemics of the area. Angus was good at finding the birds which often involved traveling to very remote and isolated places for 1 or 2 species. I love Australian birds – beautiful, unique, often loud and delightful. The Lake Argyle cruise was fabulous and the Yellow River cruise was a great break from riding in the van and seeing water birds from a distance.

Glen was excellent at finding the birds and keeping track of who had not yet seen specific birds. By the end of the tour there were very few birds not seen by all in the group.

Steve Davidson is a superb guide. He has a vast knowledge of Australian birds, other wildlife, and plants. He has a keen ear and I appreciated that he described what he was hearing. We had challenges in terms of Covid and flooding, and he very responsibly addressed both issues. I truly don't know how he had the stamina to guide, drive the extra miles on detours, and organize the needed diversions from the itinerary.

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