Brazil - one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, is a dream destination for general naturalists, photographers and birders alike. Home to swathes of Amazon Rainforest, the vast majority of the continent's savannah, endemic-rich Atlantic Rainforest, and the highly celebrated Pantanal, few destinations can offer such great variety and abundance in such a short space of time.

Our 11 day tour of the pristine Amazon rainforests surrounding Alta Floresta focus on three primary lodges in the heart of the verdant southern Amazon basin - each boasting in excess of 500 species each! From the crystal clear waters of the Rio Sao Benedito II that flows through Rio Azul to the Rondonia specialists of Sao Nicolau and the canopy tower of the fishing lodge of Pousada Thaimacu – good accommodation and excellent food will supplement our bird filled days at each step of our journey. Unlike many forays to Alta Floresta, this is no mere extension, but an in-depth tour focussing on both the common and rarely searched for.

2022 Prices are an estimate, dates are not confirmed and may change.

Tour Facts Top Birds
Black-chested Tyrant, Tapajos Hermit, Crimson Topaz, Peacock Coquette (rare), Crested and Harpy Eagles, Slate-colored, White & White-browed Hawks, Cryptic and Slaty-backed Forest Falcons (rare), Crestless (Lesser Razor-billed) & Bare-faced Curassows, Spix’s & Red-throated Piping Guans, Scarlet, Red-and-Green, Red-bellied, Blue-winged, Blue-and-Yellow & Chestnut-fronted Macaws, Bald, Red-fan & White-bellied Parrots, Kawall’s Amazon, Santarem & Crimson-bellied Parakeets, Bronzy, Blue-cheeked & Paradise Jacamars, Tapajos, Alta Floresta (rare) & Amazonian Antpittas, Pompadour & Spangled Cotingas, Green-tailed Goldenthroat, Sungrebe, Sunbittern, Black, Snow-capped, Flame-crowned, Fiery-capped & Red-headed Manakins, Pavonine Quetzal, Black-tailed, Black-throated, Green-backed, Amazonian & Blue-crowned Trogons, Blackish Nightjar, Tawny-bellied Screech Owl, Ocellated Poorwill, Spectacled & Crested Owls, Amazonian Pygmy Owl, Curl-crested & Red-necked Aracaris, Gould’s Toucanet, Collared and Rufous-necked Puffbirds, Hoatzin, Dark-winged Trumpeter, Cream-colored, Chestnut, Yellow-throated & Golden-green Woodpeckers, Glossy, Plain-winged, Saturnine & Natterer’s Slaty Antshrikes, Yellow-browed, White-breasted, Rufous-faced, Striated, Manu, Grey, Band-tailed, Rufous-faced, Chestnut-tailed, Rondonia Warbling, Xingu Scale-backed & Bare-eyed Antbirds, Plain-throated, White-eyed, Pygmy, Sclater’s, Long-winged, Grey, Ash-winged, Ornate & Rufous-winged Antwrens, Hoffman’s & Rondonia Woodcreepers, Para Foliage-gleaner, Zimmer’s Tody-Tyrant, Para Gnatcatcher, Dotted Tanager
Top Mammals
Jaguar, Puma, White-lipped Peccary, Gray Brocket Deer, Giant Otter, numerous monkeys
Habitats Covered
primary, terra firme, varzea, riparian, bamboo and white sand forests, rivers, cerrado scrub
Expected Climate
warm to hot with high humidity
Max Group Size
8 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local birding leader
Tour Pace & Walking
moderate, with much time spent on trails
good to excellent
Ease of Birding
moderate with many tricky species
Photographic Opportunities
average to good
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

A Fantastic experience!! Considerably better than I had expected. Guides were fantastic!! And the inclusion of local Brazilian guide - Leo - was a real plus. He worked great together with Forrest Rowland, and his knowledge of the country and the vegetation was a real plus. The mammals and other critters were a real plus to the tour. The facilities, driver, and van were also great! Overall, this tour ranks among the top of the 7-8 birding tours I have ever taken, and Rockjumper is certainly a company I would highly recommend to others!!!

I had the very best time on tour with Stephan. He is an excellent leader and a lovely, kind human being. In terms of his technical ability as a birding leader, his eyesight and hearing skills are excellent, which coupled with his first class fieldcraft and ID skills, meant that we saw/heard over 500 species during our tour. He also gelled well with the local guide Caio , so that in terms of finding, IDing and showing the birds to the group, we were treated to splendid views of our target species plus many many 'bonus birds' too. Stephan was also very patient with group members, some of whom for a variety of personal reasons, were less able to see the birds than the majority of the group-so that wherever possible-every group member who wanted to, had the opportunity to see every bird.

Rob Williams was helpful above and beyond the call by going out of his way to make it an enjoyable tour.

The trip was excellent, and there is no praise too high for Stephan Lorenz!

Rich Lindie was excellent and very helpful.  His knowledge of the birds & wildlife of Brazil was phenomenal; in addition he told us much about other areas of the world. [W]e had a great time.

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