Our Llanos extension gives us the opportunity to explore the little visited eastern plains of Colombia where we will search for several range restricted species including Pale-headed Jacamar, White-bearded Flycatcher and Orinoco Goose. We also hope to take in a whole plethora of waterbirds including stately Jabiru, charismatic Sunbittern and ungainly Horned Screamers. We will bird in the open seasonally flooded grasslands and gallery forest of the Llanos and will undertake jeep and boat safaris and night drives. This is a highly enjoyable addition to our Remote Colombia Tour.

*2024 Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour Facts Top Birds
Pale-headed Jacamar, White-bearded Flycatcher, Orinoco Goose, Razor-billed Curassow, Jabiru, Yellow-browed Tyrant, Rusty-backed Spinetail, Burrowing Owl, Nacunda Nighthawk, Hoatzin, Whistling Heron, Sunbittern, Sharp-tailed, Scarlet and Buff-necked Ibis’s, Horned Screamer, Grey-necked Wood Rail, Pied Lapwing, Double-striped Thick-Knee, Rufous-vented Chachalaca, Oriole Blackbird, Masked Cardinal, Black-and-White Owl, White-tailed Goldenthroat, Scaled Piculet
Top Mammals
Venezuelan Red Howler, Capybara, White-tailed Deer – Chance of Puma, Jaguar and Giant Anteater. Chance of Green Anaconda.
Habitats Covered
Open Savanah, Grassland, flooded llanos, Gallery forest, Scrub forest, marshes, Farmland.
Expected Climate
Pleasantly cool at night and in the early mornings and evenings but hot during the middle of the day when we will take some time out.
Max Group Size
8 with 1 Rockjumper leader
Tour Pace & Walking
Our Mega tours are very fast-paced birding adventures designed for the dedicated lister and serious birder. The focus of the tour is to see as many of the endemics and area specials as possible in our given time. In order to cover the necessary route to maximise the species list we tend to spend a single night at most sites and travel large distances. There is very little down time aside from that spent driving from one site to the next. These tours are not suitable for dedicated or avid photographers; inexperienced or new birders; as well as anyone with serious mobility or health challenges.
Comfortable lodge situated on a working cattle Ranch. Meals will be outside, soaking in the sound and ambience of the Llanos.
Ease of Birding
Generally easy open country birding but we may do a little bushwacking while looking for forest birds.
Number of Species Expected
150 - 200
Other Attractions
Fantastic scenery and a chance to witness traditional life of the cowboys of the wide plains of the llanos.
Photographic Opportunities
Good to excellent
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Dusan is an excellent guide (best ears in the business!) as well as a wonderful person to share this long of an adventure. He’s very concerned for everyone’s health, safety and enjoyment of the birding.

I was thrilled when Forrest Rowland agreed to run another Colombia Mega, as I really wanted to join a tour led by him – he has such extensive experience of this country and its birds. Even with that expectation, the trip exceeded my wildest dreams. Forrest’s grasp of Colombia’s birds, herps, plants, geography and history sets the scene for a magnificent experience. His humour and personality ensure one enjoys every minute.

The Santa Marta Mountains were truly a great place to bird with several endemics to be seen and spectacular mountains views. The lodge was a fantastic place to stay for three nights. Highly recommend this extension tour!!!!

We had a great time with Forrest Rowland in Colombia. A wonderful country. Forrest is a fantastic birder and a great guide.

I was extremely pleased with Rob and his ability to locate birds and get all members of the group on them for viewing. This was no small task given the reclusive nature of many of the species and the size of our group. In addition to Robs valuable birding skills are his management skills in planning and timing and surmounting both the usual and the unexpected difficulties associated with delays and circumstances. Rob is extremely knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills. His stories are informative and most often entertaining. He was a fun guide and I give him a 5 star plus rating.

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