Straddling the equator, some 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador lies perhaps the planet’s most fabled archipelago. Forever fascinating, this is one of Earth’s most active volcanic areas, and the beautiful volcanic formations, together with the matchless wildlife and natural history, make for an utterly unique destination. Perennially popular among birders for the island endemics and stunning seabirds, nearly all the birds are tame, allowing for outstanding photography. In places, one must be careful to avoid stepping on a Galápagos Sea Lion, a Marine Iguana or a Blue-footed Booby. The latter is perhaps the island’s most iconic bird, and seeing pairs of them bow and sway, whistling and honking, as they wave around their cobalt blue feet, is not something one forgets. Equally, the thrill of watching a pair of Waved Albatross performing their intricate dance moves is another of the Galápagos highlights, and our cruise is perfectly timed for this event. The snorkelling is a wonder as well, with swimmers at times encircled by sea lions, sea turtles, and even Galápagos Penguins on occasion. The islands are named after their endemic Galápagos Giant Tortoises (‘galapagos’ means tortoise in Spanish), and seeing these magnificent beasts striding about, or sighing deeply as they wallow in the mud, one feels transported to another time, or even another world. 

Based aboard a very comfortable vessel serving excellent food and hosted by experienced local naturalists and crew, we’ll explore these ruggedly beautiful islands in comfort. From the bewildering array of Darwin’s finches (which had their namesake thoroughly confused, triggering his ideas on evolution), to the shrieking Red-billed Tropicbirds, to the curious and endearing sea lions, an experience here marks a personal evolution.

Tour Facts Top Birds
Waved Albatross; Flightless Cormorant; Galapagos Penguin; Genovesa & Common Cactus Finches; Genovesa, Large, Medium & Small Ground Finches; Large, Small & Medium Tree Finches; Grey & Green Warbler-Finches; Woodpecker Finch; Vegetarian Finch; Galápagos Rail; San Cristóbal, Galápagos, Española & Floreana Mockingbirds, Galápagos Dove; Galápagos Hawk; Galápagos & Darwin's Flycatchers; Galápagos Martin; Mangrove Warbler; Swallow-tailed & Lava Gulls; Brown Noddy; Galápagos Shearwater; Lava Heron; Wedge-rumped Storm Petrel; Paint-billed Crake; Great & Magnificent Frigatebirds; Blue-footed, Red-footed & Nazca Boobies; Red-billed Tropicbird;‘Galapagos’ Short-eared Owl, American Flamingo.
Top Mammals
Galapagos Sea Lion, Galapagos Fur Seal, Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, Bryde's Whale, Common Bottlenose Dolphin
Habitats Covered
Volcanic craters, pelagic, arid scrub, caldera, 'Scalesia' forest
Expected Climate
Warm and sunny, with a cooling sea breeze
Max Group Size
15 with 1 Rockjumper leader & 1 local leader
Tour Pace & Walking
Easy to moderate pace
Comfortable cabins on catamaran, plus 2 nights in hotels
Ease of Birding
Mostly very easy
Other Attractions
Marina Iguana, Volcanic craters, Galápagos Giant Tortoise
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

A massive thanks has to go to André, the ranger, he was exceptional. His knowledge of wildlife was incredible. We were able to learn so much about the animals, plants and he is the 'bird' guru!! We cant thank him enough for his time, going out of his way to show us everything possible, we saw everything.


Marius Coetzee is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced safari (field) guides I have met on my more than 30 trips to Africa. His knowledge of the bush and ability to work with his tracker to find animals is unique and appreciated. As an accomplished photographer, Marius knows how to position his vehicle to get the best photograph and has the patience to make sure that his guests see what they need.

Our tour was really exceptional, and our guide, Glen Valentine, was fabulous!!! Being in the jungle meant our views were narrowed, but Glen went out of his way to make sure everyone had a chance to see these exceptional birds.

Adam Walleyn did a fantastic job organising the rest of the tour when Erik had to leave due to illness. I really appreciated his hard work and determination; for example: even though he had never been to Samoa before, his logistical work enabled us to get great views of some very difficult and unexpected species (Samoan Triller, Blue-grey Noddy).


I look forward to another RBT tour...you can never go on too many RBT tours.

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