Our Comoros Tours takes in the 4 volcanic islands of the Comoros archipelago situated off the central-east African coast. They are divided between the Union of the Comoros, a sovereign nation formed by the three islands of Grande Comore, Anjouan, Mohéli and the French overseas department of Mayotte. The vast evergreen forests that once dominated these islands have largely been removed leaving a few remaining pockets of pristine habitat boasting in the region of 24 endemic species (and likely to reach a staggering 40 with further research). The addition of incredible scenery, a series of easily approachable active volcanoes and particularly friendly locals have made these islands an enticing and rewarding experience. We welcome you to join us as we island-hop with binoculars in hand in our quest to find the birds of these heavenly Indian Ocean isles.

Camping is no longer required on this tour. There is also no need to engage in the strenuous hike up and down Mount Karthala. The prevalence of a forest track up the mountain has allowed us to access and return from the primary birding spots in a 4x4 vehicle.

Tour Facts Top Birds
Comoros Olive, Comoros Green & Comoros Blue Pigeons, Karthala, Anjouan, Moheli & Mayotte Scops Owls, Comoros Cuckooshrike, Grand Comoro, Crested & Mayotte Drongos, Grand Comoro & Moheli Bulbul, Malagasy, Anjouan, Grand Comoro and Moheli Brush Warblers, Kirk’s, Mayotte & Karthala White-eyes, Comoros Thrush, Humblot’s Flycatcher, Humblot’s, Anjouan & Mayotte Sunbirds, Comoros Fody, France’s Sparrowhawk, Crab-plover, Malagasy Turtle Dove, Madagascar Spinetail, Cuckoo Roller, Malagasy Kingfisher, Olive Bee-eater, Greater & Lesser Vasa Parrots, Blue Vanga, Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher, Malagasy Bulbul, Malagasy, White-eye, Malagasy Green Sunbird and Red Fody.
Habitats Covered
rainforest, heath, mudflats, wetlands
Expected Climate
variable. Most days at lower altitudes will be hot, dry and sunny, but it is regularly overcast and rainy. Higher altitudes are cool to warm. It may be humid at times.
Max Group Size
8 with 1 Rockjumper leader & local leader
Tour Pace & Walking
basic to comfortable hotels
Ease of Birding
mostly unchallenging but several difficult nocturnal species
Number of Species Expected
80 - 90
Photographic Opportunities
good to very good
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

The game drives were fantastic, André’s knowledge and attention to detail could certainly be used as the benchmark for all lodges. We were often stopping to wipe away the tears of laughter and the times spent on the drives with André will certainly be remembered. Hats off to you André, you really made our trip!!!

Adam Walleyn did a fantastic job organising the rest of the tour when Erik had to leave due to illness. I really appreciated his hard work and determination; for example: even though he had never been to Samoa before, his logistical work enabled us to get great views of some very difficult and unexpected species (Samoan Triller, Blue-grey Noddy).

This was a fantastic trip. David did an excellent job as our guide. He was thoughtful, attentive, hard-working and an expert in the field. There wasn't much that we didn't find. We very much enjoyed his company and hope he leads us again in the future.


Rockjumper's office staff continue with their excellent high level of client services. Prompt, concise and courteous replies are a trade-mark of the Rockjumper staff.


Marius Coetzee is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced safari (field) guides I have met on my more than 30 trips to Africa. His knowledge of the bush and ability to work with his tracker to find animals is unique and appreciated. As an accomplished photographer, Marius knows how to position his vehicle to get the best photograph and has the patience to make sure that his guests see what they need.

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