This exclusive 10-day Kenya tour focuses on two of the most iconic wildlife sanctuaries on the planet – the extraordinary Maasai Mara ecosystem and the Chyulu Hills near the famous Tsavo reserves. Charter flights are used to easily transfer between Nairobi, the Mara and Chyulu thus maximizing your time in these great locations. We also utilize 3 very carefully selected luxury camps for this safari. Each camp is special, providing comfort, elegance, and exclusivity. All game drives are conducted in specially designed open safari vehicles allowing you to maximize your enjoyment of the experience.  

Highlights include a myriad of big game from big cats such as Cheetah, Lion and Leopard to vast herds of African Buffalo, Black Rhino, Maasai Giraffe and African Elephant. We also stand an excellent chance of seeing some of the special smaller mammals including Serval, Aardwolf, Bat-eared Fox, Honey Badger, and Crested Porcupine. From a birding perspective the Mara and Chyulu Hills have an enviable list of specials such as Red-throated Tit, Miombo Wren Warbler, Rufous-bellied Heron, Cuckoo-finch, Cardinal Quelea, recently discovered Melodious Lark, Rosy-throated Longclaw, Yellow-throated Sandgrouse and a variety of birds of prey and larger species such as bustards, Secretarybird and Ground Hornbill which require vast areas of habitat to thrive.

Join us for what promises to be an extraordinary tour, offering an incredible diversity of wildlife, superb scenery, wonderful lodges and tented camps, and super-friendly tribal people!

Tour Facts Top Birds
Secretarybird, Southern Ground Hornbill, Martial Eagle, Tsavo Sunbird, Athi Short-toed and Melodious Larks, Red-throated Tit, Miombo Wren-Warbler, Pangani Longclaw, Steel-blue & Straw-tailed Whydahs, Cuckoo-finch, Cardinal Quelea, Yellow-throated Sandgrouse, Rufous-bellied Heron, Rosy-throated Longclaw, Schalow's Turaco, Temminck's Courser, Grey-crested Helmetshrike, Black-backed Cisticola, Grey-headed Silverbill
Top Mammals
Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Elephant, African Buffalo, Black Rhinoceros, Serval, Spotted & Striped Hyaena, Aardwolf, Gerenuk, Fringe-eared Oryx, Maasai Giraffe, Crested Porcupine, Honey Badger, Caracal, Banded and Egyptian Mongoose
Habitats Covered
grasslands, acacia savanna, temporary and permanent wetlands, rivers,
Expected Climate
mild to warm, dry conditions mostly, cools down at night. Rain unlikely but possible
Max Group Size
6 with 1 Rockjumper Leader
Tour Pace & Walking
undemanding, relaxed pace, perfect for non-birding spouses who are keen on an authentic African safari expereince, no long drives as we make use of charter flights
luxury safari lodges and tented camps
Ease of Birding
mostly easy birding and game viewing
Other Attractions
Maasai and other tribes, African curios, beautifully appointed accommodations
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Wayne Jones was excellent. His knowledge of birds, where to find them, identification - both by sight and sound - was superb. He was very personable with a good sense of humour. I especially appreciate his patience in helping us find some birds which were not particularly in plain view. All-in-all, a very good trip.

Wayne Jones' birding skills were good. He is a very good spotter, knows his vocalisations and was pretty good at getting us on a bird. Wayne did often convey the importance of the more hard-to-find birds.

Wayne Jones was great. One of his strengths is telling you what features to look for in a bird or sub-species, so that you know you have seen the key identification marks. We really appreciated that. He also put a lot of effort into making sure the poor-sighted got to see the bird too. We really enjoyed the trip and saw loads of new birds and heaps of fantastic animals.

Thank you Rockjumper for another fantastic trip! Each time I travel with you I am amazed at how smoothly things run, and I recognise the great effort by all of you to give us an incredible and worry-free expedition. Thank you for giving me some of the best memories of my life!

Great trip – close encounters with a lot of target birds and mammals, exciting habitats, comfortable accommodations and an outstanding guide. Glen must be one of the foremost authorities on African birds and I learned a great deal from him regarding ecology, behaviour, systematics and conservation.

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