Sail into a world few ever experience; idyllic islands and isolated villages where unique time-honoured traditions and elaborately costumed dancers welcome us into their world as we uncover the hidden gems of Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. From the culturally rich arterial of the Sepik River we sail across the Bismarck Sea exploring remote shores and villages still living traditional lifestyles, and delve into the history, culture and wildlife of New Ireland and New Britain.

Crossing the Buka Channel at Nissan Island we see reminders of intensive World War II action, then enter a long-isolated world as we are among the first travellers to return to Bougainville in more than two decades. Sailing through the turquoise waters of the Solomon Islands, new vistas and unexpected encounters await. Discover one of the conservation jewels of the South Pacific on Tetepare Island, while villagers on culturally-rich Malaita Island still make and use traditional Malaitan shell-money as a dowry and wear it as a status symbol. Experience a kaleidoscope of cultures as we explore Vanuatu, where more than 100 indigenous languages are spoken. With over 80 habitable islands, islanders have closely guarded their own cultures and languages. Our expedition embraces some of these cultures and languages, as we explore one of the happiest places on the planet. Throughout Melanesia there are spectacular reefs, which are home to masses of fish and coral gardens of every colour. These waters offer some of the greatest marine diversity and snorkelling in the world and everybody will have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty beneath the waves.

Whether you are snorkelling or swimming, this ocean aquarium is waiting to be explored and discovered. For birders, this itinerary offers once-in-a-lifetime species on remote, hard to reach islands. The birding potential is exceptional; highlights may include the Superb Pitta and, endemic to the Solomon Islands the Roviana Rail, Solomon Sea Eagle and Vanuatu’s Vanikoro White-eye.

Please note that a Rockjumper leader may not accompany the expedition unless a minimum of 10 participants are signed up through Rockjumper. In the case that a Rockjumper leader is not on board, the professional expedition staff will take care of all participants signed up through Rockjumper.

Please also note that these prices are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.

Tour Facts Top Birds
King & Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise; Vanuatu Megapode; Vanuatu Petrel; Beck’s & Heinroth’s Shearwaters; Sanford’s Sea Eagle; Pied Goshawk; Tanna, Claret-breasted, Superb, Yellow-bibbed, Knob-billed (Red-knobbed) & White-headed Fruit Doves; Nicobar Pigeon; Red-knobbed, Finsch’s, Black, Yellowish, Vanuatu & Chestnut-bellied Imperial Pigeons; Solomons (Ducorps’s), Palm & Blue-eyed Cockatoos; Cardinal, White-naped & Yellow-bibbed Lorys; Vulturine Parrot; Edwards’s Fig Parrot; Bismarck Hanging Parrot; Meek’s Pygmy Parrot; Palm, Duchess, Red-chinned & Coconut Lorikeets; Buff-headed Coucal; Blyth’s Hornbill; Hook-billed, Ultramarine & Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher; Black-capped Paradise Kingfisher; Victoria Crowned Pigeon; Moustached Treeswift; White-billed, Bismarck & Bougainville Crows; Manus & Solomons Cuckooshrike; Makira Cicadabird; Santa Cruz Shrikebill; Cockerell’s Fantail; Solomons, White-collared, Buff-bellied & Chestnut-bellied Monarch; Black-headed, Sooty, Red-capped & Red-vested (Red-bellied) Myzomelas; Makira & White-bellied Honeyeater; Mottled & Midget Flowerpeckers, Makira & Steel-blue Flycatchers; Long-tailed Myna; Polynesian, Mountain, Makira & Brown-winged Starlings; Malaita, Solomons, Bismarck, Yellow-throates, Louisiade, Santa Cruz, Sanford’s & Yellow-fronted White-eyes; Superb & Red-bellied Pitta.
Top Mammals
chances for Dugong and various cetacean species
Habitats Covered
open ocean, shoreline, rainforest, mangroves, islets
Expected Climate
hot and humid with tropical showers
Max Group Size
depending on ship capacity
Tour Pace & Walking
very relaxed, with some longer optional walks
comfortable ship cabins
Ease of Birding
moderate, can be challenging at times
Other Attractions
brilliant coral reef snorkelling, traditional island culture, rarely visited tropical islands, historical World War II relics
Photographic Opportunities
good to excellent
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

We found Adam Walleyn to be knowledgeable, experienced, and with expert birding skills and people skills. We enjoyed him thoroughly.

Dates, Leaders and Pricing
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