Our new Namibian Budget Endemics tour is targeted at only the most sought after and special birding to be found in Namibia. This compact 11-day safari will find not only a stunning array of endemic and near-endemic birds but will also take in the world-famous Etosha National Park and the array of great game to be found there.

We begin our journey in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital and an area that offers a superb introduction to the birds of this amazing country. Thereafter, we drive through the ancient Namib Desert, a land of enormous red dunes and inhospitable rocky desert. The cold Benguela Current is responsible for the rich upwelling along southern Africa’s west coast. Leaving the coast, we journey inland to the scenic Spitzkoppe and Namibia’s highest mountain - Brandberg. We spend time in the endemic-rich Erongo Mountains, our lodge conveniently located right in the heart of the action. We will then travel north to sample the impressive mammalian (and avian!) delights of Etosha National Park, before completing our journey beneath the amphitheatre of Waterberg Plateau National Park.

Top Birds

Dune, Benguela Long-billed & Gray's Larks; Rockrunner; Herero Chat; Rüppell’s & Northern Black Korhaans; Hartlaub's & Red-billed Spurfowls; Rüppell’s Parrot; Burchell's Courser; Violet Wood Hoopoe; White-tailed Shrike; Monteiro's, Damara Red-billed & Bradfield's Hornbills; Karoo Scrub Robin; Carp's Tit; Tractrac Chat; Orange River White-eye; Dusky Sunbird; Cape, Crowned & Bank Cormorants; Damara Tern; African Oystercatcher; Bradfield's Swift; Bokmakierie; Kori & Ludwig's Bustards; Bare-cheeked & Black-faced Babblers; Rufous-eared Warbler; South African Shelduck; Cape Vulture.

Top Mammals

Black & White Rhinoceroses; African Elephant; Lion; Cheetah; Spotted Hyena; Hartmann’s sub-species of Mountain Zebra; Kirk's Dik-dik; Klipspringer; Gemsbok; Springbok; 'Black-faced' Impala; South African Giraffe.

Habitats Covered

coastal estuaries, broad-leaved woodland, riverine forest, mountains, gravel and sandy deserts

Expected Climate

warm to hot with chances of occasional thunder showers

Max Group Size

7 & 1 Local Leader

Tour Pace & Walking

focussed, targeted birding, undemanding walks


comfortable hotels, national park bungalows and lodges

Ease of Birding

easy, open country birding, sometricky species

Number of Species Expected


Other Attractions

Namib sand dunes, Spitzkoppe, Etosha, Spreetshoogte Pass

Photographic Opportunities

good to excellent

What our clients say about us

Julian Parsons
PN, Namibia 2023

Julian was a true pleasure to tour with. His calm and easygoing style were much appreciated. We love a guide with a sense of humor! His knowledge of the animals and birds and where to find them was excellent. Although we dipped on the Southern Carmine Bee-eater spectacle the first night, we still saw wonderful sights. He found the perfect place our second night on the river. The spectacle was amazing! He got all our biggest targets including Pels Fishing Owl and White-faced Owl and an African Wildcat! We had to give him two demerits as he dipped on the Honey Badger and the Pangolinsigh

Julian Parsons
LH - NBZ 2022

The best part of the tour was our guide, Julian Parsons. He was extremely knowledgeable about the birds, mammals, and plants and trees. He also was very personable and inclusive, making sure everyone was able to see the wildlife. I would go on other tours he plans if they fit my schedule. So, definitely, do what is needed to keep him on your staff.

Gregory de Klerk
DL - Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe 2022

I can’t say enough good things about our guide, Greg de Klerk. He was very personable, outgoing, enthusiastic and cheerful, made sure everyone got to see the birds (and mammals), he had done lots of prior research so he had a tremendous depth of knowledge which he imparted, and he kept us safe and comfortable. I would go on another tour with Greg in a heartbeat.

Quinton Josop
JM, Namibia 2023

This was probably the best Rockjumper tour I have ever been on. I cannot praise our leader, Paul, highly enough. His enthusiasm for the birds was contagious and he made birding fun which is what its supposed to be. This was his first tour to this area and even though he got several lifers, I thought he was brilliant. Incredible at spotting and although my eyes are not what they used to be I came back with many wonderful photos and memories. We were Americans and one Canadian and we keep our records on eBird. Paul didnt have to do it, but he provided several eBird lists for each day of the tour and shared them with us. This made the trip for me. We dispensed with the checklist summaries that often take up so much time at the end of the day on other trips. Instead we got all the information we needed via eBird. My wife suffered a fall on the first day which took her to the emergency room. Paul was superb at providing first aid and taking care of her injuries as a "first responder" and continued to offer aid and comfort during the rest of the tour. He was also our driver and even though he had not been to all the places, he did a great job finding birding locations and maximizing our birding opportunities. Paul made a personal connections with everybody on the tour without playing favorites. It was a long tour but he kept the camaraderie going the whole time. Rockjumper is lucky to have him.

Gregory de Klerk
MM & EM, Namibia

Greg is an excellent guide with great people skills. We appreciated him very much.

Namibia - Budget Endemics 2024

18 Jun 2024 - 28 Jun 2024 (11 days)

ZAR73,950 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Local Leader

Tour price (Per person): ZAR73,950 * USD3,966 * GBP3,127 * EUR3,645 * AUD5,944

Single Supplement: ZAR4,750 * USD255 * GBP201 * EUR234 * AUD382

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