South Africa is quite simply one of the most pleasurable countries in which to travel, offering fantastic birding, exceptional wildlife viewing, and breath-taking photographic opportunities, along with world-class infrastructure. Besides the many endemic bird species, including two near-endemic bird families: Rockjumpers and Sugarbirds, we will focus on finding large numbers of migratory Amur Falcons and Lesser Kestrels in the country’s highland grasslands. South Africa’s other birdlife includes a rich seabird assemblage and vast numbers of more widespread, yet no less spectacular, African birds. Add to this the full big game experience (with excellent chances for finding Africa’s “Big Five” – Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant and much besides), rich botanical heritage, fine food and wines, friendly people and the scenic splendour of Africa’s most varied country and one of the world’s 17 megadiverse nations, and it’s not hard to see why South Africa is an exceptionally popular destination!

For our Falcons and Big Cats safari experience, we have selected the two most productive and diverse regions of South Africa, the Cape Peninsula in the southwest and the vast Kruger National Park in the northeast of the country. In addition, we will spend two nights in the birding hamlet of Wakkerstroom, home to numerous endemic highland species as well large numbers of overwintering Amur Falcons.

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Tour Facts Top Birds
Western Cape: Cape Rockjumper, Cape Sugarbird, Cape Siskin, Protea and Cape Canaries, Orange-breasted, Malachite & Southern Double-collared Sunbirds, African Penguin, African Oystercatcher, Crowned, Bank & Cape Cormorants, Hartlaub’s Gull, Black Harrier, Southern Black and Karoo Korhaans, Cape Spurfowl, Bokmakierie, Jackal Buzzard, Southern Boubou, Swee Waxbill, Karoo and Large-billed Larks, Karoo Eremomela, Ground Woodpecker, Cape Weaver, Cape Bulbul, Maccoa Duck, Cape Teal, Cape Shoveler, South African Shelduck, Victorin’s, Cinnamon-breasted, Rufous-eared and Namaqua Warblers, Cape Penduline Tit, White-backed Mousebird, Greater and Lesser Flamingos. Wakkerstroom: 10 000 Amur Falcons, 1000 Lesser Kestrels, Southern Bald Ibis, Blue Crane, Blue Korhaan, White-bellied Bustard, Ground Woodpecker, Bokmakierie, Botha’s, Rudd’s, Pink-billed, Eastern Long-billed & Eastern Clapper Larks, Mountain Wheatear, Sentinel Rock Thrush, Yellow-breasted Pipit, Pied Starling, Long-tailed & Fan-tailed Widowbirds, Yellow-crowned Bishop, Quailfinch, Red-winged & Grey-winged Francolins, Secretarybird, South African Shelduck Kruger: Common Ostrich, Kori Bustard, Southern Ground Hornbill, Bateleur, Martial, Crowned, African Hawk- & Tawny Eagles, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Lizard Buzzard, Marabou & Saddle-billed Storks, Lappet-faced, White-backed, Hooded & White-headed Vultures, chances for African Finfoot, White-crowned Lapwing, Swainson’s & Natal Spurfowls, Coqui, Crested and Shelley's Francolins, Bronze-winged Courser, Double-banded Sandgrouse, Verreaux’s and Spotted Eagle-Owls, Southern White-faced, African Scops Owls, Pearl-spotted & African Barred Owlets, Southern Red-billed and Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills, Brown-headed Parrot, Bennett’s, Cardinal and Golden-tailed Woodpeckers, Mosque Swallow, Grey-headed and Orange-breasted Bushshrikes, Burchell’s Starling, Southern White-crowned Shrike, Red-headed Weaver, White-browed Robin-Chat, Bearded Scrub Robin, Burnt-necked Eremomela, Bushveld Pipit
Top Mammals
Western Cape: Afro-Australian Fur Seal, Common Eland, Blesbok (Bontebok), (Cape) Mountain Zebra, (Red) Hartebeest, Cape Grysbok, Southern Right Whale, Long-beaked Common Dolphin Wakkerstroom: Black Wildebeest, Yellow Mongoose, Meerkat Kruger: The ‘Big 5’ (Lion, Leopard, African Elephant, Black and White Rhinoceroses, African Buffalo), Cheetah, African Wild Dog, Side-striped Jackal, Greater Kudu, Giraffe, Spotted Hyena, Nyala, Common and Central African Large-spotted Genet, Wild Cat, African Civet, Cape Porcupine, White-tailed Mongoose, Klipspringer, Plains Zebra, Warthog
Habitats Covered
Western Cape: mountains, fynbos, coastal waters, semi desert, wetlands Wakkerstroom: Montane grasslands and marshes Kruger: acacia savanna, bushveld, terminalia woodland, riverine forest, grasslands, rivers, wetlands
Expected Climate
Western Cape: subtropical with occasional rain, can be cold at times Wakkerstroom: warm to hot during the day, gets cool to cold at night Kruger: subtropical and dry, warm to hot
Max Group Size
6 with 1 Rockjumper leader
Tour Pace & Walking
relaxed to moderate pace with undemanding walks
comfortable to very comfortable
Ease of Birding
mostly easy with a few tougher species
Number of Species Expected
320 - 350
Other Attractions
Western Cape: Table Mountain, incredible coastal and mountain scenery, Tanqua Karoo, great food & wine Kruger: vast, pristine wilderness, huge numbers of African mega-fauna
Photographic Opportunities
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Gareth was very considerate of all tour members and kept everything on schedule. He went out of his way to find bird species of particular interest to those on the tour and very enthusiastic about birding.

This was a trip of firsts for me - first time in Africa, first time on a birding tour, and first time travelling solo on an international trip. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or a better guide. The primary reason the experience was so positive was due to the efforts of our guide, Gareth Robbins. He is an excellent birder and was determined to accommodate all of our wishlists. He was not satisfied unless everyone in the group got good looks at a bird, and went to great lengths to ensure this. His enthusiasm was contagious and set the tone for a fun and pleasant group dynamic. As an added bonus, Gareth had me, and the rest of our group, breaking out in laughter on many occasions! I look forward to participating in a future Rockjumper tour (and hopefully one where Gareth is the guide!).

Wayne Jones is one of the best tour leaders I have been with... He is great at making we all see the birds. He knows their songs and call and the habitats where they occur.

The faster pace of the tour (South Africa Mega) was just what I wanted, and maximized chances for as many endemics as possible without adding more days. Markus was on top of things throughout, his timing and logistics were flawless, and his spotting skills are excellent. His precision served the group well and the group size (6) was ideal. He also was great with the many mammals, positioning the vehicle for the best viewing and photography, and sharing information about life histories. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and just wish I could do it all over again!

Gareth Robbins was an excellent guide. He was friendly and approachable, made all the group feel welcome and his sense of humour kept us all amused. His ability to find birds is second to none and he took great pains to ensure everyone had seen every bird. I would love to travel with him again.

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