Far better known as tourism destination, the scattered low-lying islands of The Bahamas hold the standard beach holiday allure of palm trees, coral reefs, endless miles of white sandy beaches and warm blue waters. Our tour targets the handful of endemics, meaning we need only visit a few of the larger islands for Bahama Woodstar, Inagua Woodstar, Bahama Warbler, Bahama Swallow, Bahama Yellowthroat and Bahama Oriole. Given the propensity for restricted island species to attain elevated species status in the future, we shall also search for Bahaman form of Cuban Amazon, Great Lizard Cuckoo and Clapper Rail. Aside from the endemic and near endemic targets, we can also expect to find a number of more widespread Caribbean species including the spectacle of 60 000 American Flamingo, Key West Quail-Dove, Cuban Emerald, La Sagra’s Flycatcher, Bahama Mockingbird, Olive-capped Warbler, Western Spindalis, Greater Antillean Bullfinch, White-tailed Tropicbird and the scarce Kirtland's Warbler on migration.

An attractive destination with excellent standards of accommodation and fairly relaxed birding make this tour the perfect extension to our various Caribbean birding tours.

Top Birds

Bahama Woodstar; Inagua Woodstar; Bahama Warbler; Bahama Swallow; Bahama Yellowthroat; Bahama Oriole; Cuban Amazon; Great Lizard Cuckoo; Clapper Rail; American Flamingo; Key West Quail-Dove; Cuban Emerald; La Sagra’s Flycatcher; Bahama Mockingbird; Olive-capped Warbler; Western Spindalis; Greater Antillean Bullfinch; White-tailed Tropicbird; Kirtland's Warbler.

Habitats Covered

Caribbean Pine & semi-evergreen forest, mud flats, beach, coastline, wetland

Expected Climate

pleasantly warm and breezy with lots of bright sunny days (average temperatures vary little (26°C / 79°F)

Max Group Size

8 with 1 Rockjumper leader

Tour Pace & Walking

mostly relaxed


good to very good

Ease of Birding

mostly easy

Photographic Opportunities

good to very good

The Bahamas - Birding the Lucayan Archipelago 2024

02 Dec 2024 - 09 Dec 2024 (8 days)

USD4,895 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Ryan Chenery

Tour price (Per person): USD4,895 * GBP3,991 * EUR4,614 * AUD7,536

Single Supplement: USD790 * GBP644 * EUR745 * AUD1,216

Flight costs: USD1,050 * GBP856 * EUR990 * AUD1,616

The Bahamas - Birding the Lucayan Archipelago 2025

09 Nov 2025 - 16 Nov 2025 (8 days)

USD5,500 - Spaces Available


Tour Leader: Ryan Chenery

Pricing notes : *Prices are estimated and dates may change*

Tour price (Per person): USD5,500 * GBP4,484 * EUR5,184 * AUD8,467

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