Explore the undiscovered pristine island paradises of the Philippines and Indonesia with pioneering small ship expedition cruise company Heritage Expeditions as we sail well off the traditional tourist route aboard our luxurious 140-guest expedition ship Heritage Adventurer.

Lying like pearls scattered across the equator the archipelagos of the Philippines and Indonesia’s undiscovered islands are the postcard definition of paradise where impossibly blue waves gently lap white sand beaches and friendly locals welcome us into their world, where primordial jungles and untouched coral reefs abound with astounding wildlife and myriad adventures await both above and below the water. In addition to being among some of the most biodiverse regions on the planet and home to rare and endangered wildlife, these remote tropical outposts boast incredible history, heritage and ancient cultures. Escaping the tourist boom due to their hard-to-reach locations makes them perfect for exploration by expedition ship. Highlights of our Philippines and Indonesia cruises include exploring the ‘Galapagos of Asia’ Sibuyan Island, visiting the ‘Whale Shark Capital of the World’ and swimming with the gentle giants and discovering the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ on Bohol Island.

Discover one of The Philippines best kept secrets on Ticao Island where the towering Catandayagan Falls tumble down sheer stone cliffs into the ocean in a dramatic display of unrestrained nature. Delve into the fascinating history of the Spice Islands at Banda Neira and explore the iconic five-sided Fort Belgica built in 1611 and pending World Heritage Site status, as well as the famed palace of the Sultan of Ternate. At Tojoman Lagoon observe thousands of stingless jellyfish, look for the critically endangered Celebes Crested Macaque, known for their distinctive pink rumps and jet-black mohawks, and the world’s smallest primate the saucer-eyed Spectral Tarsier at Bitung, and snorkel pristine coral reefs including “the mother of all living coral reefs”, sample local delicacies and experience thrilling cultural exchanges at villages where traditional life continues unchanged.

Set sail where few have gone before and join us on an authentic expedition as we expedition cruise the untouched beauty of the Philippines and Indonesia’s undiscovered islands by ship and Zodiac on this unforgettable adventure.

Please note that a Rockjumper leader may not accompany the expedition unless a minimum number of participants are signed up through Rockjumper. In the case that a Rockjumper leader is not on board, the professional expedition staff will take care of all participants signed up through Rockjumper.

Please also note that these prices are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.

Tour Facts Top Birds
Knob-billed Hornbill; multiple species of endemic kingfishers, Sulawesi Myna; Maleo; Taliabu Bush Warbler; Taliabu Myzomela; Taliabu Leaf Warbler; Tanimbar Starling; Moluccan Masked Owl; Fawn-breasted Thrush; Blue-streaked Lory.
Top Mammals
Dugong; Philippine & Spectral Tarsier; Celebes Crested Macaque; Sulawesi Bear Cuscus.
Habitats Covered
open ocean, shoreline, rainforest, mangroves, islets
Expected Climate
hot and humid with tropical showers
Max Group Size
depending on ship capacity
Tour Pace & Walking
very relaxed, with some longer optional walks
comfortable ship cabins
Ease of Birding
moderate, can be challenging at times
Other Attractions
Whale Sharks, Chocolate Hills, brilliant coral reef snorkelling, traditional island culture, rarely visited tropical islands, historical World War II relics
Photographic Opportunities
good to excellent
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

It was amazing that the guides could make the tour so enjoyable despite having rain 8 days out of 10! Guides were excellent. Erik Forsyth was very knowledgeable and personable.

I participated in the Jan-Feb [private] tour to the Philippines guided by Rich Lindie.... I have to say that Rich's ... indefatigable attempts to make our trip a success was exemplary in every way. His birding skills are definitely well above the norm in birding companies I am familiar with (including some very elite companies). Rich is also enthusiastic, energetic, fun loving, patient and always in full control of his clients. In short, he is in the elite echelons of the guiding profession and should be considered a valuable asset to your organization. It is my intent to single out trips guided by him for my travel considerations.

We saw some good birds and are happy about that. Erik Forsyth is an excellent guide and companion. We would certainly travel with him again. He was most helpful for those of us whose eyes are not as sharp as they once were. Erik managed the group well and group dynamics were excellent. Local guides, such as at PICOP, were very friendly and most helpful. The Philippine ground agent/bird guide, Mark Villa, was certainly knowledgeable about the local birds and a good source of information. We have enjoyed Rockjumper tours in the past and hope to again.

Although we had plenty of rain the trip turned out to be very rewarding. Erik Forsyth did an excellent job in trying to accommodate my strange request for knowledge on the vegetation of the Philippines. Although both Mark and he had no idea on how to respond to this request, they were able to get a tree book for my use. After losing the use of my cell phone which was used to take photos of the vegetation for future identification, Mark followed up by taking photos for me.

The guides were knowledgeable, energetic, and very personable. I would go with Erik Forsyth anytime, anywhere. He made sure we were comfortable, well fed, and saw the birds, not an easy feat with the constant rainy conditions. I also appreciated his sense of humour. Yes, I would go with Rockjumper again, and I am planning on a 2019 trip already. They have become my favourite bird tour company for many reasons.

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