Southern California is the most biodiverse area in the United States. This is explained by the incredible array of habitats in a very small area. During this tour we will visit the edge of the Mojave Desert, seek out the once almost extinct Californian Condor, take a boat ride to the Channel Islands and bird various mountains, wetlands and the Pacific Ocean coast. This will allow us to see a superb diversity of birds and other wildlife and with minimal travel! Boasting one of the best climates in the world, this tour is suitable year-round.

2023 Tour price is an estimate and will change. Tour dates could be adjusted.

Tour Facts Top Birds
California Condor; Island Scrub Jay; Yellow-billed Magpie; LeConte’s Thrasher; Bell’s, Fox, Rufous-crowned, Golden-crowned & Sagebrush Sparrows; Wrentit; California Quail; Nuttall’s & White-headed Woodpeckers; Ridgway’s Rail; Greater Roadrunner; Cactus Wren; California Gnatcatcher; Ferruginous Hawk; Prairie Falcon; White-tailed Kite; Tricolored Blackbird; Surfbird; Black Turnstone; Black Oystercatcher; Wandering Tattler; Clark’s Nutcracker; Williamson’s & Red-breasted Sapsuckers; Red Crossbill; Cassin’s Finch; Black-vented Shearwater; Red-tailed Hawk; Ross’s & Greater White-fronted Geese; Mountain Plover; Mountain Bluebird. ABA Countable species: Red-crowned Amazon; Scaly-breasted Munia; Yellow-chevroned Parakeet; Red-whiskered Bulbul.
Top Mammals
Gray Whale; Island Fox
Habitats Covered
coastal beaches, California sage scrub, oak chaparral, montane pine woodland, desert
Expected Climate
overnight lows down to 40F (5C), potentially cooler in the desert, with daytime highs in Los Angeles in December averaging 67F (20C) but as high as 80F (27C) plus. Rain is possible during the winter months.
Max Group Size
1 - 5 with 1 Rockjumper Leader / 6 - 10 with 2 Rockjumper Leaders
Tour Pace & Walking
the tour pace is fairly easy though we will be out all day most of the days. Walks will be short and mainly over paved terrain. We are also based in the one hotel for the whole trip so there are no repacking and moving days.
single comfortable hotel
Ease of Birding
generally easy, though species like Mountain Quail will require some luck.
Other Attractions
fantastic scenery, excellent reptile diversity.
Photographic Opportunities
excellent photo ops of bird and landscapes
Tour Route Map Route Map Client Testimonials

Stephan Lorenz was a fantastic guide! He found all the birds; and also importantly, he made sure everyone was able to see them. He and Claudia were delightful to travel with. Stephan was also very knowledgeable about the general natural history of Texas and the state in general. It made the trip especially interesting. Stephan was stellar, the trip was great!

Forrest Rowland is a great guide with thorough knowledge of the area and avifauna. He got all members of the group to see all the species encountered, and we found many great birds. He is very professional, dedicated and with good humour. The area is beautiful and the fauna fantastic.

Stephan was a great birding guide and tour manager. He knew his patch and worked tirelessly to find and ensure all participants had good birds views. He located all the key 'target' birds. He and his partner produced great al fresco dining and ensured all arrangement worked well, not easy in these COVID impacted times. As always with RJ, I had a most enjoyable trip and satisfied my birding wishes. Well done RJ and Stephan/Claudia. Than you all.

Stephan was an excellent guide and made sure everyone was able to see the birds and many times obtain photos. He was patient with the requests of the group members and facilitated an enjoyable experience for all. Claudia was a great addition to the team and we really appreciated her help finding birds in the scopes, identifying birds in the van, and working with Stephan to make sure our trip was as seamless as possible.

I would rate my experience on the Texas Coast trip with Stephan and Claudia as excellent. They are both superb at what they do.

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