Our Cuba tours focus on Cuba’s fantastic endemic birds and numerous Caribbean specials. We stand a good chance of seeing almost all of Cuba’s endemics on our birding tour to this under-birded country, as well as great wintering North American migrants. Sites that we explore on our Cuba birding tour include the Bermejas Reserve for the miniscule Bee Hummingbird, stunning Cuban Tody and Cuban Trogon — the island’s national bird. Cuban Solitaire and Cuban Grassquit are targets looked for in the Cordillera de Guaniguanico in the western part of the country. Oriente Warbler and Cuban Gnatcatcher are some of the numerous specials we will look for around Cayo Coco, on the Camaguey Archipelago. The famous Zapata Swamp holds Zapata Wren and Zapata Sparrow. We will also target Giant Kingbird and Gundlach’s Hawk near Najasa. While the range of species possible may not be as high as other Latin American destinations, the number of endemics to the island and the region make Cuba birding a must-do and highly enjoyable.

All our tours to Cuba are legal for US residents

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