Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest island, lies just 120 km (75 miles) south of Florida, yet offers an impressive 28 endemic birds, numerous Caribbean specialities and a rich assemblage of overwintering North American warblers and waders. Our comprehensive Rockjumper tour targets almost every possible endemic and near-endemic species; and, using the services of local bird specialists at each site, we promise an impressive success rate in observing the island’s amazing avian diversity. From the world’s tiniest bird (Bee Hummingbird) to such sought-after species as Giant Kingbird, Cuban Tody, Cuban Trogon, Gundlach’s Hawk, Oriente and Yellow-headed Warblers, Zapata Wren and no less than four species of stunning quail-doves, Cuba is an absolute pleasure to bird!

On this tour, we will cover a wide variety of habitats, ranging from interior tropical forests and mangroves to extensive wetlands and white sand beaches along the northern coral cays. The awesome birdlife is further augmented by ease of travel, comfortable lodges, fascinating culture, a turbulent history, vintage cars that take one back to the 1950’s, and super-friendly people, making this a thoroughly enjoyable adventure for both the hardcore and casual birder alike!

Blog - Cuba – Birding the Greater Antilles

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