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300 world-class birding tours that we schedule annually. Spanning all seven continents and over 100 countries!

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Welcome to our latest Rockjumper Tour Catalogue. We are honored to present to you more than 250 world-class birding tours that we schedule annually.

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Meet the leaders that make Rockjumper’s tours a memorable experience! Our tour leaders are all passionate birders and accomplished tour coordinators who derive great pleasure from sharing their birding experiences with others. Most of our tours are guided by full-time Rockjumper leaders, often with the backup of the most experienced local birders across the globe. Whilst we guarantee that our leaders have superb birding skills. We also appreciate that they need to be personable, professional, friendly, attentive and dedicated to delivering a rewarding, educational, safe and enjoyable birding experience.

Eastern South Africa & Cape Extension Kenya & Tanzania - Birds & Big Game Ethiopian Endemics Birding Madagascar Comprehensive Papua New Guinea - Birding in Paradis Colombia Mega Kenya Mega Northern Ecuador - Birding the Andes to the Amazon Colombia - Andean Endemics & Santa Marta Extension South Ecuador Endemics & Shiripuno Extension Australia - East Coast & Extension Indonesia - Sulawesi & Halmahera - Wallacean Endemics South Eastern Brazil The Philippines - Endangered Endemics & Visayan Extension Madagascar Comprehensive & Masoala Extension Papua New Guinea - Birding in Paradis Northern Peru & Classic Peru Malaysia & Borneo - Rainforest Birds & Birding Bhutan - Birding the Buddhist Kingdom Guatemala - Central American Specialties Kenya Mega South Africa Mega Kenya & Tanzania - Birds & Big Game Eastern South Africa & Cape Extension Uganda - Birds & Gorillas Budget Eastern & Western South Africa Budget Morocco Birding Budget Ghana Northern Peru - Maranon Endemics & Marvelous Spatuletail Bulgaria & Romania in Winter