There are 4 tours available in Cuba
There are 4 tours available in Cuba
Cuba - Caribbean Endemic Birding III 2018
25 Jan 2018 - 3 Feb 2018 (10 days)
Tour Leader: Dušan Brinkhuizen
Can be linked with: Dominican Republic - Endemics of Hispaniola I 2018
Tour Price (Per Person): USD3,250
No Spaces Available
Cuba - Caribbean Endemic Birding VI 2018
16 Feb 2018 - 25 Feb 2018 (10 days)
Tour Leader: Adam Walleyn
Can be linked with: Dominican Republic - Endemics of Hispaniola II 2018
Tour Price (Per Person): USD3,250
2 Spaces Available
Cuba - Caribbean Endemic Birding VIII 2018
11 Dec 2018 - 20 Dec 2018 (10 days)
Tour Leader: Robert Williams
Can be linked with: Dominican Republic - Endemics of Hispaniola IV 2018
Tour Price (Per Person): USD3,250
Spaces Available

Cuba Birding Tours

Our Cuba birding tours focus on Cuba’s fantastic endemic birds and numerous Caribbean specials. We stand a good chance of seeing almost all of Cuba’s endemics on our birding tour to this under-birded country, as well as great wintering North American migrants. Sites that we explore on our Cuba birding tour include the Bermejas Reserve for the miniscule Bee Hummingbird, stunning Cuban Tody and Cuban Trogon — the island’s national bird. Cuban Solitaire and Cuban Grassquit are targets looked for in the Cordillera de Guaniguanico in the western part of the country. Oriente Warbler and Cuban Gnatcatcher are some of the numerous specials we will look for around Cayo Coco, on the Camaguey Archipelago. The famous Zapata Swamp holds Zapata Wren and Zapata Sparrow. We will also target Giant Kingbird and Gundlach’s Hawk near Najasa. While the range of species possible may not be as high as other Latin American destinations, the number of endemics to the island and the region make Cuba birding a must-do and highly enjoyable.

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What our clients say about tours to Cuba

  • Dušan was an extraordinary guide. His birding skills, humanity, and concern for all of us was beyond reproach.

    NL & CL, Cuba
  • This was our first Rockjumper trip and it was great. Forrest was an excellent guide, so knowledgeable about the birds and enthusiastic about all living things we came across!

    GH & CH, Cuba
  • Forrest Rowland was the consummate birding tour guide. He was very personable and friendly and a top-notch birder with excellent skills for getting us on the birds. He kept us informed about all logistical details. We will seek him out for another Rockjumper tour.

    CR & SR, Cuba
  • We had a great time birding with you. Thanks for working so hard making sure we saw all the target endemic and near-endemic birds. We very much enjoyed being around you because you have an upbeat and positive demeanour. Thanks for pointing out so many wintering warblers that we, on the west coast of US, do not get to see. Will always remember the Tody and the “G” Hawk.

    DS, Cuba
  • I still find it hard to believe that we saw all 40 of my targets in Cuba – you led a great trip and it was great birding with you again.

    NP, Cuba
  • The tour was great. It exceeded our expectations. We got more than our money’s worth. Part of that was Dusan making everyone feel welcome. He was a great guide and worked really hard at locating Cuban Endemics for us. We also saw, surprisingly, many other North American Warblers. He was very friendly and didn’t mind being asked over and over, “which bird is that,” even though he had named the bird many times before. Talk about patience!

    RK, Cuba
  • I just wanted to pass on our thanks for a well organised trip. We had a ball in Cuba! Not only were the birds fantastic but the cigars, rum and country were mind-blowing. Our first RJ trip but I am sure that it won’t be our last. Well done to the team for arranging a hassle-free trip in a country where it can be difficult to organise things.

    T, Cuba
  • This was an excellent trip. I couldn’t have written a better story.  Our guide, Chris Sharpe was knowledgeable in birds and other scientific topics. He was very keen on details of  our arrangements and itinerary, keeping our time productive and enjoyable.  He had a very pleasant demeanour, was enthusiastic about the birds we were searching for, and was a good story teller, which helped make the whole experience a lot of fun.

    JP, Cuba
  • I highly recommend Forrest Rowland as a remarkably talented birding guide with exceptional birding skills, knowledge and helpfulness to get everyone on the bird.

    RF, Cuba
  • Dušan was great. He took charge of the group with enthusiasm. His birding skills are excellent. The office staff were super in responding to emails and answering questions. I have told my birding friends to consider Dušan and Rockjumper when they schedule their next trip.

    CF, Cuba
  • Forrest Rowland is an all-around excellent birding guide. He handled our group of all abilities very well, and as first-time birders on a trip with Rockjumper, we were put at ease immediately by his easy going manner, friendliness and ability to assist us in seeing the birds of Cuba. It was an incredible experience all around to see both cities and rural areas, as well as take the time to learn about the culture as well as the natural history of this island in addition to the birds. Wow! Great adventure!

    EM & JM, Cuba
  • Forrest Rowland is an outstanding guide! We would definitely travel with him again. Great guy!

    SPL, Cuba
  • The more we got to know Chris as the tour progressed, the more fun we had. We found the birds and we did not neglect their enjoyment once we found them, and we also remembered to have fun with each other as well. We laughed a lot! The group chemistry was very good, and I believe Chris Sharpe played a major part in that outcome.

    DH, Cuba
  • Forrest was an absolute joy to bird with. I’ve been to 25 countries birding and this was one of, if not the best, birding tour I have ever had the pleasure of being on.

    MA, Cuba