There are 4 tours available in Malaysia & Borneo
There are 4 tours available in Malaysia & Borneo
Borneo - Budget Birding 2018
3 Mar 2018 - 12 Mar 2018 (10 days)

Tour Price (Per Person): MYR11,750
Spaces Available
Malaysia & Borneo - Rainforest Birds & Mammals I 2018
20 May 2018 - 8 Jun 2018 (20 days)
Tour Leader: Richard Lindie
Can be linked with: Borneo - Sarawak & Kalimantan Endemics 2018
Tour Price (Per Person): MYR27,250
Spaces Available
Borneo - Sarawak & Kalimantan Endemics 2018
8 Jun 2018 - 18 Jun 2018 (11 days)
Tour Leader: Richard Lindie
Can be linked with: Malaysia & Borneo - Rainforest Birds & Mammals I 2018
Tour Price (Per Person): USD4,650
Spaces Available
Malaysia & Borneo - Rainforest Birds & Mammals II 2018
16 Jul 2018 - 4 Aug 2018 (20 days)
Tour Leader: Rockjumper Guide TBC

Tour Price (Per Person): MYR27,250
Spaces Available

Our Malaysia & Borneo – Rainforest Birds & Mammals birding tour visits some of the world’s most famous birdwatching sites, including Fraser’s Hill, venue of the legendary annual Bird Race, the grand Taman Negara National Park, Danum Valley, which protects the largest pristine lowland rainforests in SE Asia, Kinabatangan River and the fabled Mt. Kinabalu. A rich mix of typical Southeast Asian birds, peninsular Malaysian specialties and Bornean endemics combine to create a truly fantastic birding holiday adventure. To boot, Malaysia is a modern Asian country where first-class facilities exist within an extensive network of parks and reserves, all of which combine to make this one of our most enjoyable and rewarding tours.

Our intrepid Borneo – Endemics of Remote Sarawak and Kalimantan takes us deep into the vast and remote ocean of forest that cloaks the Sarawak province of Borneo. There, using recently-made logging tracks to gain access to these forests, we will endeavour to find several of the island’s seldom-seen endemics, including two of the most poorly-known species on earth, namely Black Oriole and Dulit Frogmouth. Fortunately, many of the species we will search for live in healthy numbers in the area, and we have a very high chance of finding such desired specials as Bornean Peacock Pheasant, Bornean Ground Cuckoo, Bornean Barbet, Mountain Barbet, Bornean Bulbul, Blue-banded Pitta, Hose’s Broadbill, Bornean Frogmouth, Whitehead’s Spiderhunter, Pygmy White-eye, Mountain Serpent Eagle and Bornean Leafbird! And while by no means guaranteed, we also have an excellent chance of finding both the oriole and the frogmouth, despite the fact that the former was only known from specimens until its recent discovery, while the latter has remained almost as poorly-known since 1891! In fact, our previous departures have enjoyed a 100% success rate with these two species, on top of recording all of the above-mentioned species. On its own, this tour offers a chance at seeing around half of the island’s endemics, while as an add-on to our Malaysia & Borneo – Rainforest Mammals and Birds tour, the combination could add over 90% (all but three) of the island’s endemics to your list!

The Budget Borneo Birding tour has been designed to provide prime Bornean birding and wildlife viewing at an economical price, and at a shorter duration for those with less time to spare in the field. For all these departures we can expect to see several species of fabulous pittas, trogons, kingfishers, woodpeckers, broadbills, leafbirds, ioras, pheasants, babblers, bulbuls, as well as a broad range of exciting mammals, including Orangutan. We will bird along forest trails, boardwalks, through mangrove forests, rainforest canopy walkways, and even from boats as we cruise along jungle rivers. Highlights might include the magnificent Great Argus displaying at close quarters, Crested Fireback, Crimson-headed Partridge, Whitehead’s Trogon, Rhinoceros & Helmeted Hornbill, Great Slaty Woodpecker and the eye-searingly bright Banded, Blue-headed and Garnet Pittas.

Our short tour to Brunei Darussalam makes for a convenient extension to any of our tours of Malaysia & Borneo. The tiny sovereign state of Brunei Darussalam is located on the north coast of Borneo. As one of the most developed and richest countries in all of Asia – hosting a large, unspoilt wilderness may come as something of a surprise. However, the ‘Green Jewel of Brunei’ is indeed just that, 500km² of untouched lowland rainforest.  Birding from boat, trail and immense canopy walkway – there will be no shortage of exciting species to encounter, not least the Bornean endemic Spectacled Flowerpecker (which has yet to be formally described). Various species of hornbill include Rhinoceros, Wreathed, Black, Bushy-crested, Helmeted, Wrinkled and White-crowned while Black-and-red, Black-and-yellow, Green and Banded Broadbill add verdant colour. We can expect to add a number of kingfishers, woodpeckers, barbets, bulbuls and sunbirds to our list. With a little luck, we could also encounter a number of mammals such as Hose’s Langur, Müller’s Bornean Gibbon, Pale Giant, Prevost’s, Slender and Least Pygmy Squirrel or even the rare Leopard Cat.

What our clients say about tours to Malaysia & Borneo

  • Our tour was really exceptional, and our guide, Glen Valentine, was fabulous!!! Being in the jungle meant our views were narrowed, but Glen went out of his way to make sure everyone had a chance to see these exceptional birds.

    CM, Malaysia & Borneo
  • Glen and Dennis did a fantastic job on this tour. Birding in the lowland rainforest looking for Pittas was certainly a challenge! Glen was informative, patient and persistent, and did his best in making sure that the entire group saw these fascinating birds. The itinerary was comprehensive, the accommodations were great and the food was excellent. Overall, a wonderful trip.

    SP, Malaysia & Borneo
  • Dennis’s knowledge & ability to imitate bird calls is phenomenal. He is also an interesting person to travel with. I enjoyed Eric’s humour and felt he handled the group well.

    M, Malaysia & Borneo
  • We felt that the trip was very well organised and efficient so we could spend as much time in the field as possible. Glen was a terrific guide – excellent birder as well as his concern that everyone was seeing the birds. Glen was very even in his manner at all times and with everyone.

    JW & MW, Malaysia & Borneo