Meet Alexander Alvarado (Part Time Tour Leader)

Alexander Alvarado

Alexander Alvarado grew up in Copán Ruinas in western Honduras. He became interested in birds many years ago whilst working for a hotel located in this Mayan City, before taking a job at Macaw Mountain, a bird park and Nature Reserve located just outside of Copán. This in depth experience in treating birds opened window for his passion.

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    In 2006, Alex began investigating Honduran birds in different habitats, traveling across the country. Having considered the great diversity of species, he started his own business - initially offering birding tours to the Copan Ruinas Hacienda San Lucas areas. After attending multiple courses and increasing his experience across Honduras, Alex was elected the President of the Honduran Ornithological Association on 2013.

    Alex now leads tours across the length and breadth of Central America, covering both scheduled and tailor-made tours for Rockjump in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.