Rockjumper is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new, informative webinar series entitled Dream Destinations. Every week one of our passionate tour leaders will act as your personal virtual guide as you explore some of the planets most exotic sites from the comfort of your armchair. Ever wanted to learn more about hummingbirds in general, where is the best place to see a Satyr Tragopan or why the months of October and November are prime time for visiting Madagascar? These questions and so much more will be on the agenda during the webinars. Our tour leaders will happily answer questions live and should volume be high remaining questions will be answered after the webinar has concluded. The webinars in this series are all being offered free of charge. Should you however wish to donate towards our tour leaders our GoFundMe is still open.

Up next is Ethiopia with Nigel Redman – Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM (New York), 05:00 PM (London), 6:00 PM (Johannesburg). Click here to sign up.


Our first webinar in our Dream Destinations series is Sri Lanka where globe-trotting Rockjumper tour leader Stephan Lorenz will get into the intricacies of this exotic island. Learn more about Sri Lanka’s endemic birds, mammals, history, top birding sites and conservation issues as Stephan showcases the natural wonders of Sri Lanka.

This webinar features a bird family that is very high up on most people’s favorite list – Hummingbirds. Forrest Rowland, one of our most popular tour leaders, showcases the myriad varieties of these extraordinary little birds. This one is not to be missed as the images are knockout and Forrest entertains with stories, facts, and plenty of interesting information featuring hummingbirds front and center.

We are back to Asia where Rockjumper tour leader Daniel Danckwerts showcases one of the most pristine countries on the planet – Bhutan. This beautiful part of the world is high on many peoples’s wish list and for good reason. Unique in so many ways, Daniel will highlight many of the country’s top drawcards including its fascinating culture, remarkable scenery, and intriguing wildlife. Join us as we explore the home of tragopans, myzornis, leiothrix and elachuras!

Our 4th webinar in our Dream Destinations series features one of our freshest and most exciting tours – our fabulous small group cruise through the Remote West Papuan Islands from Waigeo in the Raja Ampats to Buru in the Malukus. Join Glen Valentine, one of Rockjumpers most popular and well-known tour leaders, as he takes us on a spell-binding voyage to one of the most remote and isolated parts of the planet. A stunningly scenic part of the world that is dripping with beautiful endemics and specials from Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise and Carunculated Fruit Dove to Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher and the legendary Madanga. This is a webinar not to be missed and promises to put a massive tick next to the exotic box.

The vast plains of the Serengeti and nearby Ngorongoro Crater are arguably two of the most iconic names in the natural world. This is, after all, where the legendary wildebeest migration takes place. Africa’s most famous animals still reside in magnificent numbers and the birdlife is prolific. Join Rockjumper’s Founder Adam Riley as he takes us on a classic virtual safari through these two mind-blowing locations in northern Tanzania. If you have been before its likely next week’s webinar will be a nostalgic journey down memory lane while for those who have yet to experience the sheer marvel of this ecosystem, it promises to be a spell-binding presentation that will likely launch the Serengeti and Ngorongoro to the top of your bucket list. 

Beautiful South Africa is next on the Dream Destinations list as home grown Rockjumper leader Greg de Klerk highlights one of the most iconic wildlife reserves on the planet – Kruger National Park. Famous for its big mammals such as Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, African Wild Dog and White Rhinoceros, Kruger has been a drawcard for wildlife enthusiasts for many decades. The reserve protects an incredible 19 485 km² of pristine habitat and well over 500 species of birds have been recorded from within Kruger’s borders. Join us as Greg showcases Kruger in all its glory and appreciate why it has earned a reputation as one of the most renowned wildlife reserves in the world. 

Of all the world’s birding destinations few capture the imagination quite as profoundly as Papua New Guinea. The island is justly famous for its spectacular birds-of paradise while also holding a variety of other exciting and exotic families such as bowerbirds, jewel-babblers, owlet-nightjars, and fairy-wrens. Join Adam Walleyn as he takes us on a fantastic virtual experience, highlighting a treasure trove of mind-blowing birds, with some insight into the regions fascinating culture and customs. There are few people on the planet that have spent as much time as Adam, travelling and birding through this region, and his webinar is not to be missed.  


Our 8th instalment in our Dream Destinations webinar series features the magical island of Cuba. For such a small place, it has certainly given the world much to ponder over the years from interesting politics, leaders and alliances to world famous cigars and rum. The island also happens to be a paradise for birders and holds an exceptional array of endemic, special, and range-restricted species. Join Rockjumper’s Operations Manager Clayton Burne as he showcases this remarkable island in all its glory. From vintage cars to Che Guevera and all Cuba’s wonderful birds, this will certainly be a fascinating presentation.  


To kickstart the month of August we will be featuring Zambia, a country that largely flies under the radar for many world birders and travellers. Interestingly, this fascinating location holds a plethora of special and localised species, including some of the most iconic birds in the world, such as Shoebill and African Pitta. Other interesting locations and landmarks include the mighty Victoria Falls, massive Bangweulu Swamps, and some of Africa’s most famous national parks such as Kafue, Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa, which all hold exceptional numbers of Africa’s classic big game. Join Daniel Danckwerts for an incredible journey through his home country of Zambia, where you will get to learn a lot about this often-overlooked birding and wildlife destination.