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© Black-throated Sunbird By Daniel Dankwerts

This year we will be virtually exploring a variety of exotic destinations that we have not previously covered from the stunning forests of Southern Peru, Panama, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic to the incredible landscapes and endemics on offer through North-west Argentina. Other destinations include the exotic endemic-laden islands of the Indian Ocean Islands (Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion, Rodriguez and the Comoros) and the beautiful Himalayas and Tiger Reserves of Northern India where the birding, wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities are simply phenomenal.

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Upcoming Webinar

Join us for a virtual Andean adventure with Rob Williams. Southern Peru is well known as one of the most bird rich places on earth! This topographically diverse country hosts a wild and wonderful array of fabulous bird species, from magnificent Andean Condors to the outrageously plumed Andean Cock-of-the-rocks. Unlike other top-ranking Neotropical birding destinations, Peru has vast tracts of forest and wilderness untouched by civilization, two-thirds of the Manu Biosphere reserve, for example, is completely unexplored, home to un-contacted stone-age tribes as well as the birds!


Rob has spent his fair share of time exploring Peru and offers a huge amount of valuable insight into birding this stunning country. We look forward to taking you with us on a virtual adventure through Southern Peru!

Join us on an exciting virtual tour of Borneo with Keith Valentine. This exceptional destination is one of the major ABA tour offerings this year and we are delighted to bring you a unique, in depth look into what this fantastic island has to offer.


Borneo is a land of exciting mammal and avian diversity, from endearing and sought after mammals like Bornean Clouded Leopard and Bornean Orangutan to the wildly outrageous, weird, and wonderful Flying Lemurs and Squirrels, Proboscis Monkeys and Gibbons. The birds are just as incredible with vibrant pittas, trogons and hornbills, not to mention the chance to find Borneo’s superstar bird, Bornean Bristlehead!


Keith has spent many hours seeking out all the treasures that call these rich tropical rainforests home and offers a great deal of first-hand experience birding Borneo. We look forward to taking you on this virtual adventure with us next week!