See the World & Save with Rockjumper!

In 2010, we launched our limited-time 7 Continents Program. This unique offer allowed hundreds of our guests to bird the 7 continents over a 7-year period AND achieve massive savings in the process.


In 2018, we relaunched the program for everyone who missed out on the first opportunity, as well as those who want to do it all over again! Registration for the 7 Continents Program closes on 31 December 2020 however given the global COVID pandemic we have given a few extensions, and those signing up have an extra year, until 31 December 2021, to complete their first continent.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here and register for the 7 Continents Program (at no cost or obligation).
  2. Sign up for a tour in 2020 or 2021 and you qualify for a 2.5% discount off that tour (existing bookings are not eligible).
  3. Thereafter you have 6 years to sign up for a further 6 Rockjumper tours (all to different continents), to receive a stacking discount on each new tour.
Terms & Conditions
  1. there is no charge to register and no obligation to do all 7 tours; opt out at any time.
  2. existing bookings are not eligible for the 7 Continents Program.
  3. registration for the 7 Continents Program closes on 31 December 2021.
  4. each of the 7 tours must be to a different continent.
  5. a tour must be taken at least every calendar year for 7 consecutive years, otherwise future discounts are forfeited. (We have however allocated 2020 and 2021 as grace years due to COVID related travel restrictions)
  6. the 7 tours can be taken in less than 7 years.
  7. the program is only valid for scheduled Rockjumper Birding or Rockjumper Wildlife tours booked directly with Rockjumper. Private (custom) Rockjumper tours, extensions, and sister company tours (Oryx, Out of Bounds, Birding Direct and Tau) do not qualify.
  8. the first tour must be taken by 31 December 2022.
  9. you may revisit any continent during this time frame, but said tours will not qualify for a discount under this program.
  10. bookings must be made directly with Rockjumper and not via travel agents or other agencies.
  11. accumulated tours in the program may not be transferred to any other person, nor may individuals pool their tours to accelerate the discount rate.
  12. the discounts can only be applied against final invoice for the tour and may not be used as part of a tour deposit.
  13. tours that are booked under this program may not be taken in conjunction or combined with any other discount, loyalty program, or price reduction.
  14. an optional small group supplement may apply if there are not enough registrants for a particular tour. The 7 Continents Program discount will not apply to the small group supplement amount nor to a tour where a Rockjumper tour is confirmed with a smaller group but is changed to a local leader only instead of with a Rockjumper leader.
  15. if the tour that you have signed up for is cancelled, an alternative tour will have to be chosen in that same calendar year to remain in the program.
  16. Rockjumper retains the right to cancel this program at any time, but has all intentions of honoring its obligations under this program until the 7 years have run their course, as was done from 2010-2018.
  • 1st tour – Save 2.5%

  • 2nd tour – Save 5%

  • 3rd tour – Save 7.5%

  • 4th tour – Save 10%

  • 5th tour – Save 12.5%

  • 6th tour – Save 15%

  • 7th tour – Save a whopping 17.5%

This means that your savings can easily equate to the cost of a free tour!

See how this is possible in the example below (based on 2020 prices).


  Continent Discount Tour Tour Price Saving
1. North America 2.5% Cuba $4 825 $120
2. Europe 5.0% Georgia & Armenia $5 400 $270
3. Asia 7.5% Indonesia (Remote West Papuan Islands Cruise) $9 100 $682
4. Africa 10% Madagascar (Comprehensive) $9 575 $957
5. Australasia 12.5% Papua New Guinea $9 850 $1 231
6. South America 15% Bolivia (Mega) $9 975 $1 496
7. Antarctica 17.5% Antarctica (Suite) $26 695 $4 671


Total saving = $9 427
(90% of our tours cost less than this saving)


  1.  North America ( 2.5%)
    Tour Price: $4 825
    Saving: $120
  2. Europe (5.0%)
    Georgia & Armenia
    Tour Price: $9 100
    Saving:  $270
  3. Asia ( 7.5%)
    Indonesia (Remote West Papuan Islands Cruise)
    Tour Price: $5 400
    Saving:  $682
  4.  Africa (10%)
    Madagascar (Comprehensive)
    Tour Price: $9 575
    Saving:  $957
  5. Australasia (12.5%)
    Papua New Guinea
    Tour Price: $9 850
    Saving: $1 231
  6. South America (15%)
    Bolivia (Mega)
    Tour Price: $9 975
    Saving: $1 496
  7. Antarctica (17.5%)
    Antarctica (Suite)
    Tour Price: $26 695
    Saving: $4 671

Total saving = $9 427
(90% of our tours cost less than this saving)

But remember…

This is just one example out of many other possible combinations that could allow you to explore all seven continents with big savings. Feel free to contact us directly about how you can get the best savings from this program once you have signed up below!

What have previous 7 Continents travelers said?

“The 7 Continents Program has changed my birding life and I thank it for opening up a world of birding to me. The joy of seeing incredible birds and seeing them well is priceless. Add to that the adventure of it all, who would not love and appreciate this program? Rockjumper has the best guides in the world and they enjoy getting everyone onto the birds, everyone. I have never been disappointed on a tour by missing a bird – they are that good. And did I mention, these tours are so much fun? The most difficult part will be deciding what country in each continent, what birds to see.” – MN