Toni Geddes

Born in South Africa, Toni has had the privilege of growing up in the ‘bush’, be that her extensive back garden or the Kruger National Park - her playground for snakes, frogs, spiders, plants, birds and mammals which formed an integral part of her day-to-day barefoot explorations. Having had the privilege of growing up in a family of birders, Toni’s passion for all things avian stems from an early age where her parents would often take her out into the field at every opportunity they got, teaching her the ropes when she wasn't picking up Bullfrogs to take to school for ‘show and tell’ sessions. Before she knew it, Toni found herself ticking off the more common birds she was seeing, and once the listing bug bit, her passion and love for birding began to grow at an exponential rate.

  • Although listing was the initial foundations of her newly fledged lifestyle, her love for listing soon morphed into a deeper appreciation for birds, their conservation and the breathtaking variety of over 10,000 species that were simply waiting to be seen across the globe. Toni is currently pursuing a degree in Zoology, Botany and Geography through the University of South Africa, whilst also expanding her travel and guiding career to further explore what the world has to offer - especially the plethora of bird species which have been enticing her for so many years.

    Freshly inspired on a daily basis by her unwavering urge to protect and conserve our planet’s biodiversity for future generations, Toni’s love is all encompassing. Tours with this sharp-eyed, bush-loving blonde are extremely informative and incorporate everything from wild flowers to birds and amphibians to trees as she tirelessly works to achieve nothing short of success in every aspect of her tours.