Diego Quesada

Costa Rican born and raised nature lover, working as Certified Naturalist Guide since 2002 and a Birding and Tourist Agent in Costa Rica. With a degree in Natural Resources Management, former member of the Board of Directors for the Ornithologist Association of Costa Rica and involved with Bird Monitoring Projects and Sustainability Consulting. Diego is also part of the organization of the Arenal Annual Bird Count. He is the Director of Ibycter Project, a research effort to study the locally endangered Red-throated Caracara in Costa Rica.

  • Since 2014, he has has been in the 10 top Ebirders in Costa Rica, submitting checklists of his observations during birding expeditions. He is also a volunteer reviewer for eBird in Costa Rica. Diego actively birds not only in Costa Rica, but in nearby countries such as Nicaragua and Panama (where he saw two Harpy Eagles for the first time), and more recently in the USA, UK, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. 

    He has a life list for Costa Rica of 828 species and counting.