Jehudy Carballo

Born in the late 1970's into a family of loggers and developers, Jehudy is a living proof of the changes in the Costa Rican society over the last 40 years. An early childhood surrounded by chainsaws and lumber trucks made a deep impression on his life and at age 15 he flipped the coin becoming a volunteer for the National Parks System. He earned a degree in Ecotourism, and since 1998 has been leading natural history and birding tours all around Costa Rica.

  • His great knowledge of the birds and nature of his country and his understanding and contagious love for the history, politics and culture, together with the passionate way of delivering information makes a tour with him a fun, educational and delightful experience for nature enthusiasts. His interest for birds has taken him to Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Southern California, Northwest Ohio and Cape May in the USA, plus Colombia and Ecuador. He has been an international guest speaker and is part of the organization of the Arenal Annual Bird Count.

    He has a life list for Costa Rica of 810 species and counting.