Ryan Tyrer

Ryan grew up on a small farm in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands. Here he developed a love for the natural world at an early age, and the progression to becoming a safari guide was practically guaranteed. He has travelled widely within Africa, and has spent over a decade working in the South African safari industry in several parts of the country.

  • Born into an adventurous family, Ryan was fortunate to embark on backpacking trips across South Africa and beyond, exploring vast swathes of East and South-Central Africa, including Gabon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda covering diverse habitats found in Queen Elizabeth Park, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, and the islands off the coast of Gabon as well as Zanzibar and Mafia Islands off Tanzania.

    Over the past decade, Ryan has primarily worked as a safari guide, thoroughly enjoying his time in the field, engaging in hands-on conservation work, and sharing these experiences with many guests. This experience has honed many crucial elements of guest satisfaction such as patience, understanding, and knowing how to go above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience.


    What got you into birding?

    Ryan's journey into birding began subtly. During his early days as a guide, he started paying closer attention to birds. One afternoon, while attempting to identify a "Little Brown Job", he became completely captivated. Soon after, he was on a mission to identify them all. Joining birding groups and traveling to see new species further ignited this passion. Today, birding sits firmly at the heart of his love for the wild.


    What attracted you to a career in tourism?

    A career in tourism was initially sparked during his school years, but only begain to develop further once he had spent time in Qatar as a personal trainer. The concrete jungle of Doha casued a yearning for home and the embrace of nature. Whilst he very much enjoyed working with people at the gym, he decided to rather pursue his long-held dream of becoming a safari guide, and has haven't looked back.


    Do you have any other hobbies?

    While birding is intricately intertwined with his work, it is also a cherished hobby. Ryan is also passionate about photography, particularly capturing wildlife and birds. His other hobbies include various sports such as rugby, cricket, and football. He also find immense enjoyment in fitness, particularly hiking, and as an avid reader, constantly striving to expand his personal library.


    Are you a lister?

    Yes! Ryan maintains various bird lists, including those for home, work, specific countries and provinces, as well as year lists and yearly challenges. HIs list-making extends beyond birds, as he also keeps track of amphibians and is beginning to venture into the world of butterflies.


    What are your strengths as a tour leader?

    His strengths lie in an ability to actively listen and understand the needs of each person, tailoring his approach accordingly. Ryan is adept at balancing persistence with patience, both in the field and beyond. Sharing an infectious enthusiasm for our discoveries and ensuring that his guests feel welcome and prioritized, with a genuine love for what he does, are all qualities he strives to embody.