Bruno Renno

Bruno has been an active and obsessed birder since his childhood, a passion which led him to study Biology in university, with a focus on ornithology. Bruno’s main interests lie in natural history, taxonomy, biogeography and conservation, and bird vocalizations.

  • Bruno cut his teeth as a partner in an environmental consulting firm and has been undertaking ornithological inventories since 1998. He has a keen ear for bird sounds and an intimate knowledge of the vocalizations of Brazilian birds, which has led him to make a number of significant discoveries into the distribution of Amazonian birds. He is a keen nature photographer and sound recordist, and has compiled an extensive collection of photos of Brazilian birds, including many rare, endemic, and threatened species.

    Bruno’s love of birding and enthusiasm in the field is infectious, and he has what we call pé quente (a hot foot) in Brazil — an uncanny knack for connecting with rarities and target birds. He was a member of the team which represented Brazil in the first World Birding Rally in 2012.

    Bruno lives with his wife and sons in the town of Itajubá in the Serra da Mantiqueira in south-east Brazil, right in between two of the finest birding areas in the region, Campos do Jordão and Itatiaia National Park.