Bradley Davis

After growing up in Canada, Bradley first visited and guided in Brazil in 2004, working at the Cristalino Lodge in the southern Amazon for four months before continuing on to bird throughout the country.

  • After several multi-month visits, including time spent studying the breeding biology of the Harpy Eagle in an urban forest patch, he moved to Brazil permanently in 2007, opening a local tour company the following year. As a guide he has always strived to provide quality customized service and attention while maintaining a high standard of birding, wildlife photography, and natural history tours throughout Brazil.

    Bradley’s sharp ears and excellent knowledge of bird vocalizations and their habits and habitats, his quick eyes, understated enthusiasm and unending passion for birds, wry sense of humour, and perhaps above all else, his ample patience are all qualities which make him an excellent guide and trip leader.

    Bradley makes his home in the Brazilian Amazon with his wife and children.