Lisle Gwynn

Lisle was born and raised in southern England but has spent most of his adult life as a nomad, travelling, birding & photographing his way around the world. 

  • With an ingrained and veracious passion for seldom visited, volatile and unpredictable locales, Lisle rapidly established a niche in facilitating and leading expeditions to parts of the world that most people actively avoid. He has led hundreds of tours, expeditions and adventures for open-minded travellers, NGOs, academic research teams & governmental bodies. Altogether this has seen him work and travel in more than 90 countries and on every continent, along the way living & spending extended periods in naturalists’ paradises like Madagascar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Ethiopia, Ecuador and the Russian Far East, as well as extended stints in the Middle East and across most of Africa. Unafraid of intimidating seas and an icy shore, Lisle has also led dozens of ship-based expeditions to Earth’s remotest shores, totalling more than 1,200 field days in the polar regions alone. 

    As a guide and expedition leader Lisle’s passion is delivering authentic, impactful experiences whilst casting light on Earth’s little-known and obscure treasures. With a reputation as calm, unflappable, resourceful, and entertaining, he is exactly the kind of person you want by your side when things don’t go to plan.