Dale Morris

An addiction to wildlife films at a young age installed in Dale a deep love for animals and the great outdoors.

Since then, he has spent the last 25 years travelling the globe, working with and photographing its wildlife and cultures. He has lived and worked in a diversity of destinations,  from Asia, and Africa, to the Americas and Europe and is as equally at home on the open plains of Tanzania’s Serengeti as he is in the steamy jungles of Borneo, or the frozen icescapes of the Antarctic.

  • Dale’s deep-rooted fascination and dedication to the natural world has given him a diverse portfolio of photographic skills: whether it be macro photography, portraiture, wildlife or landscapes. With a personal history grounded deeply in conservation ethics and academic research, Dale’s wealth of knowledge and imagery has found its way into numerous publications. He has produced more than 500 nature, travel and photography oriented magazine articles and has worked on numerous wildlife documentaries with clients as prestigious as the BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. His photographs have appeared on high profile front covers and he has won several awards with global publishing companies.

    His sense of humour and relaxed demeanour ensure that he is a hit with all the people he guides, both young and old, creating long-lasting clientele whilst easily captivating new guests on tour with him. From the Highlands of Ethiopia to the lowlands of Madagascar; and from the wetlands of Botswana to the dry deserts of Namibia and beyond, Dale’s endless passion and knowledge make him a perfect Photo Tour Leader for your next ORYX tour.

    Dale Morris is a Senior Photo Tour Leader for ORYX private and scheduled departures.