Meet Tuomas Seimola (Full Time Tour Leader)

Tuomas Seimola

My birding has grown from a passionate hobby to a passionate full-time career as an ornithologist. The part of my work that I enjoy the most, is to be able to show remarkable sightings of rare, or just desirable birds to fellow birders around the world. During the last 15 years I have guided wildlife and birding tours on four continents, but in my heart, nothing beats South America. Two years ago, I had an unforgettable moment, when we set a new “Big Day” world record in Ecuador with a team of friends and observed 431 species in a single calendar day.

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    I spent most of my childhood summers in the countryside in southern Finland, where there were plenty of forests, bogs and agricultural areas to explore and, most importantly, birds to observe. My first close encounter with a Common Buzzard, when I was seven, triggered an avalanche that couldn’t be stopped. From that moment on, birds were number one in my priority list, which was not so highly appreciated by my teachers, football coaches or girlfriends. During the years, my birding has grown from a passionate hobby to a passionate full-time career as an ornithologist. Something must have changed, though, because I’m married and have two beautiful daughters. The part of my work that I enjoy the most, is to be able to show remarkable sightings of rare or just desirable birds to fellow birders around the world.

    My day job in Finland is working on farmland birds research and carrying out all kinds of field surveys. Monitoring and studying the Finnish Ortolan Bunting population and its migration routes have been one the main themes for recent years. In Finland, we have had two fast declining species of buntings suffering from illegal hunting along flyways and wintering areas. Yellow-breasted is already extirpated and Ortolan bunting’s ongoing decline is not easy to watch.

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    DK & PK, Ghana 2018

    Tuomas Seimola is a great find. He’s a fantastic birder, and even though it was his first trip to W Africa, he is an obvious quick study. Tuomas is steady, personable, and funny. He wasn’t just the leader of our good group, but part of the group.  We really enjoyed and appreciated him.

    NB & LL, Ghana 2018

    Congratulations to our guides (Tuomas Seimola and Victor) who were simply excellent. Tuomas was always helpful and smiling. In addition to knowing all of the birds he did a great job of communicating the information.

    CC - Panama 2019

    This was my first international birding tour experience, and so while I have no basis for comparison, I was completely satisfied by this tour. The guides were excellent. Their knowledge was near encyclopaedic, and most importantly, never-ending. I would actively seek to go on tour with Tuomas Seimola again.

    RO & TO - Panama 2019

    As is the tradition with all of the Rockjumper guides that we've had the pleasure of being in the boonies with, Tuomas Seimola was outstanding. We enjoyed the trip a lot.

    BS - Panama 2019

    I really enjoyed the tour. Guides were knowledgeable and helpful, the group dynamics were good and - most importantly, we saw loads of exciting birds. I would undoubtedly have missed many species without the expert guidance and knowledge of Tuomas Seimola and the team.

    SC & IC - Sulawesi

    I am writing to let you know what an amazing trip we had with David Erterius and Tuomas Seimola. They are both outstanding bird guides and a pleasure to travel with.

    DM, Colombia 2019

    Tuomas was an excellent guide and organizer.

    EM, Colombia 2019

    "Tuomas was very knowledgeable, personable, and savvy. He did an excellent job of balancing hard core birding with the needs of the group. The accommodations and food were good throughout and the transportation was excellent! This was an adventurous, fun, and challenging trip and I very much enjoyed it. Roger, the local guide, was also very good. Thank you!"

    TK, Colombia 2019

    Two great tours led by Tuomas, who is an outstanding birder and great tour leader. Local guides were also very good, so we all saw virtually all of our hit list birds. Thanks to all.

    GP, Colombia 2019

    Tuomas was excellent. He was an excellent birder and group leader, ensuring the everyone saw each bird. He was persistent in pursuing our target birds but knew when enough was enough for the day. Tuomas has an easy going manner, but he (and the local leader) were efficient and effective in dealing with problems in the field or with the accomodation.

    MB, Cuba 2019

    This was the third time I have travelled with Tuomas and I find him very professional and good fun to be with.

    MW & MW, Cuba

    Tuomas was constantly on the birds, even during our long drives. He was infectiously enthusiastic throughout the tour and able to get even the most difficult in our group on the birds. He was also flexible, tweaking the itinerary when the opportunities arose to ensure we got all the target birds. This flexibility is critical to a well-executed tour and does not happen often enough.

    DB, Cuba

    The birding exceeded all expectations. We expected a good number of endemics and a lot of other birds. We saw ALL of the endemics and a pile of other birds. Besides the endemics, there were several life birds for us including painted bunting and American Flamingos. Our guides were simply outstanding. Excellent birders, Tomas and the local guide were also really likable guys, with a lot of flexibility and good humor. Should you decide to make this trip, it is hard to imagine you could do better than these two.