Meet Rynart Bezuidenhout (Part Time Tour Leader)

Rynart Bezuidenhout

Rynart Bezuidenhout was brought up in the city of Pietermaritzburg. Having always been adventurous, he started travelling immediately after completing his schooling, spending a number of years traversing continental Europe and the United Kingdom.  His passion for the bush and conservation led to Rynart returning to his beloved South Africa in order to follow his dream of becoming a professional Field Guide whilst studying for a degree in Botany and Zoology. He has spent the last 4 years guiding throughout Southern Africa, further growing his passion for birding, wildlife and conservation.

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    What got you into birding?

    I have always been a keen naturalist and growing up I always strived to learn everything about my natural environment. Naturally, guiding followed after my schooling and I soon found myself working as a guide in the incredible Lowveld of South Africa. I started noticing the amazing birdlife all around me and I immediately decided to pursue birding more closely.

    What attracted you to a career in tourism?

    I love meeting new people and discovering new places, so a career in Tourism was a natural progression for me.  I have always loved wildlife and knew from a young age that I wanted to contribute to wildlife & nature in a positive manner.

    When I qualified as a guide, I started getting actively involved in the wildlife rehabilitation programs and environmental projects that where ongoing on the reserves where I worked. This further grew my passion for education of wildlife and working towards sustainability of our natural resources.   

    Do you have any other hobbies?

    I am a keen fisherman and enjoy spending my days stalking yellow fish & trout in the beautiful rivers of KwaZulu Natal. I also enjoy gardening and collecting Africana books.

    Are you a lister?

    I am not a fanatical lister, although I do have a Southern Africa list, monthly garden list and a mammal list, which I’m always looking at adding more species to. I hope to travel to Madagascar, more in Africa, South America and anywhere else interesting to admire both avian and other wildlife.

    What are your strengths as a tour leader?

    I love sharing my passion for birding and wildlife with guests, and this pushes me to show my guests as much as possible. I have immense patience and can get along with many different personalities and nationalities. I have a good sense of humor and always ready with a joke to lift the mood. I enjoying listening to my guest’s life experiences and sharing stories around the camp fire.  

    I have always been interested in animal behavior and have spent many hours observing animals in their natural environment. I believe, this and my experience as a field guide allows me to pass on great knowledge to my guests about the intricacies of the animal kingdom. I have good eyesight and keen hearing whic

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    AC & MJ, South Africa 2019

    Thanks to Rynart Bezuidenhout and Daniel Danckwerts for an unforgettable tour. Their effort to give us the very best experience was sublime. Not only was our ambition to see the wanted birds, animals and nature much more than fulfilled – our competent, friendly and openminded guides also managed to give a perspective into the life and culture in South Africa of today. This we appreciate a lot.