Meet Paul Varney (Full Time Tour Leader)

Paul Varney

Paul lives in Norfolk in the UK and has been birding since the age of 9 – more than 40 years now! Birds and wildlife are his passion and he says “I feel really lucky as birding is a great hobby, wherever you are in the world, all you need is a pair of bins and a notebook and you are happy”.

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    Paul was recorder for NarVOS a Norfolk based bird club as a youngster and edited the Cambridge Bird Club for a few years prior to moving to Suffolk.

    Paul works in agriculture and has international commercial experience and in managing geographically dispersed teams. His career in agriculture has given him the opportunity to work in Switzerland for several years during which time he travelled the globe. These trips to places like Brazil, Costa Rica, China and The Philippines amongst others, provided some excellent birding opportunities and a few weekends were added on to make the most of visiting these amazing countries. Paul has spent most of his life in East Anglia, and the Norfolk coast is his favourite birding haunt (although the Isles of Scilly runs it close). He has been lucky to be involved in the identification of two firsts for Britain, the Holkham Red-breasted Nuthatch and the Minsmere Siberian Blue Robin.

    Paul enjoys sharing his passion for birding; enjoying the privilege of showing people new birds. The great thing about birding is that every trip is different, and you just never know what you are going to see.

  2. Testimonials Paul Varney
    SP - Indonesia

    Glen and Paul did a fantastic job on this tour. Glen is an excellent birder, guide and a wonderful personality. This is the second trip I have done with Glen and hope to join many more in the future.

    BD - Highlights 2022

    The tour was amazing and probably one of the best we have been on. Paul and Moses were great guides and managed to get us on birds and good opportunities for photographing birds and animals. I appreciated Paul's patience and constant enthusiasm. Moses really understood the animals and what birds or mammals might do next - he got us in good position for great photos. Moses also had a great sense of humor and responded quickly when one of our tour members became sick. I really like that Rockjumper takes care of all the tipping and takes care of local staff and guides. This is a real benefit in the tours for me.

    MB - Highlights 2022

    Paul Varney was a superb guide. He worked hard throughout the tour, ensured everyone got what they wanted from the trip and had incredible patience always answering (even often repeated) questions and had excellent knowledge of the birds and game. What really impressed was he was always open and willing to say he didn’t know or wasn’t sure, knew when to let an ID go and would make effort to work out a tricky ID from images overnight and confirm later. We thoroughly enjoyed his company and he made it a great experience. Moses our driver was fantastic. He has great knowledge of the areas visited, is an excellent, careful and confident driver and has incredible eyes. He is also a genuinely caring and lovely man who helped make the time in the vehicle a lot of fun. Your ground agents are brilliant. I guess you know that, but they made everything work very smoothly and helped with organising transfers.