Meet Robert Wilcox (Full Time Tour Leader)

Robert Wilcox

Hailing from the Mississippi Valley of eastern Iowa and growing up on his family's restored tallgrass prairie, Bobby Wilcox has always been an avid nature-lover and conservationist. With a degree in geology and no interest in oil drilling, he embarked upon a string of mini careers bartending, fishmongering, small-scale organic farming, building mud houses and working in yarn stores. Bobby finally got the opportunity to pursue his dream job when he was hired as a seasonal field technician by Great Basin Bird Observatory to survey riparian songbirds along the Colorado River in western Arizona. He has been an itinerant birding nomad ever since, banding birds in California, Canada and American Samoa, studying cavity-nesters in northern Argentina, surveying vulnerable populations of sagebrush birds in Nevada's Great Basin, and monitoring critically endangered Hooded Grebes in the windswept Patagonian steppe.


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    Bobby has worked as a resident guide at two of the premiere birding lodges in Brazil; REGUA in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest, and Cristalino Jungle Lodge in the southern Amazon. He has extensive experience birding throughout North America and much of the Neotropics and his desire to continue exploring the world in search of birds and other wildlife is limitless.

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    DL, Costa Rica

    Just wanted to take a moment to thank Rockjumper for a fantastic trip ! Bobby Wilcox and our local guide were the best!! This pair of professionals worked very hard to take care of all of us and make sure each person got to see every bird!! Together we had close to 400 bird species! An outstanding number! We had great Accommodations and good food! We were birding everyday from 5:45am until 6 pm!! Just can’t thank you enough!! And after talking with Bobby Wilcox about the pantanal trip coming up, I’m sure I’m going to go!! Looking forward to future trips with Rockjumper!!!

    JK, Costa Rica

    Bobby Wilcox was a good guide. Calm and knowledgeable. The food and accommodation were both very good, Better than I expect.