Richard Stratton Hatfield

Stratton is a passionate guide and his love for birding and conservation is contagious. He was born in Zimbabwe to American parents. He began birding at the age of 7 in Nata, Botswana. His immediate family now lives in Kenya and the Netherlands - and he is proud to call both countries home. Stratton is currently pursuing a PhD at Wageningen University in the Netherlands studying Martial Eagle ecology in the Maasai Mara ecosystem of southern Kenya. He is also part of a team that is setting up a raptor research and conservation organization in the same greater Mara ecosystem.

  • One of Stratton’s greatest joys is sharing his love for birding and conservation. From seasoned world listers to birding enthusiasts he will work with you to ensure a fantastic trip and that your expectations are met. Some of his birding/mammal watching highlights include taking some of the only photographs of the newly described Elgon Francolin, helping rediscover African Golden Cats in Kenya, self-finding an Egyptian Vulture in the Tuli block, Botswana, and guiding Arjan Dwarshuis in east Africa during his record breaking Big Year. Stratton is an eBird reviewer for Kenya and writes the Kenya rare bird report for the African Bird Club journal. In his free time he loves patch birding in the Maasai Mara, photography and expanding the audio library for east African birds.

    What some of Stratton’s clients say about him....

    I had the pleasure of birding with Stratton in Kenya and Tanzania during my Big Year. Rarely did I meet someone who knew more about the birds of East-Africa. He knows every split, every subspecies that might be a split in the distant future, the distribution-limits of every species and most importantly every sound, from song to alarm calls and chip-notes (plus he’s a mammal-expert). In addition to this he knows his way around the countryside. Every guide in the Mara knows him by name, he speaks fluent Swahili and he drives a Landrover like a Dutchman rides his bike. Last but definitely not least: he simply has a great personality. He is caring, hospitable, observant and funny and therefore has all the characteristics of a first-class guide.”

    Arjan Dwarshuis – Big Year world record holder