Meet Julian Parsons (Full Time Tour Leader)

Julian Parsons

Born on the beachfront of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, and raised in a small town bordering the picturesque city of Cape Town - Julian is a coastal soul with a strong affinity for the natural world and a great love for the outdoors.

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    What started off as a childhood fascination with the colourful bird-of-paradise family, Julian quickly developed a deeper love and interest for birds, earning him his first bird book and binoculars at the age of 6. Shortly after his schooling, and driven by his lifelong passion for the natural world - Julian left suburban life and pursued a career as a nature guide, specializing in birding and wildlife photography. Julian's career began in with overland safari tours where he guided groups of guests across the diverse and contrasting environments of Southern Africa. Thereafter he spent several years in KwaZulu Natal, guiding at various lodges in the pristine and bird rich Maputaland wetlands. From there, his career and passion for birding and photography have led him further afield to the untamed wilds of Zambia, spending a year in the breath-taking Lower Zambezi Valley; traversing the red sands and golden savannas of the Kalahari Desert; island hoping eastern Indonesia and getting somewhat lost in the tropical forests of West Africa. The incredible experiences gained along the way have developed and refined his style as a guide and photographer, further fuelling his passion to explore and discover the hidden beauties of this planet's breath-taking natural history.

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    BC, South Africa 2021

    Hi. Glen and Julian were great guides. I really enjoyed spending time with them. The trip was great, lodging was great. The wineries were amazing, as were the bird and animal sightings. I would travel with Glen or Julian again any time!