Meet Eliana Kramer (Part Time Tour Leader)

Eliana Kramer

Hailing from Colombia, the country with the most bird species in the world, Eliana has an unrelenting passion for birds, butterflies and biology. You’ll almost always see her smiling; she has a contagious zest for life, a vibrant personality and a deep love of the natural world. Her ornithological endeavors have taken her from her home in south Florida to many remote corners of the planet. 

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    Among her many memorable experiences, she’s served as a bird bander with the Cape Florida Banding Station, tromped through vast expanses of Alaskan tundra tracking Steller’s Eiders and Emperor Geese, and managed a misty cloud forest nature reserve in Ecuador. Moreover, she set out on a big year birding adventure with her husband, road-tripping across the entire U.S. & Canada in a 1978 VW Bus!

    Additionally, she’s an avid photographer, quick on the trigger with a keen eye for capturing a great bird photo. When she doesn’t have her binoculars and camera in hand, Eliana is the executive director and lead veterinary technician for Project PetSnip, a Miami-based organization she founded focusing on spay and neuter surgery to combat pet overpopulation. Her favorite place in the world is Alaska, where she was married at “Bird Point” and spent her honeymoon birding on the legendary island of Attu. With a big heart for all creatures, Eliana is on the forefront of animal rights and environmental issues and prides herself on being vegan.

    Having lived in Colombia, Aruba and South Florida, she speaks four different languages and is happy to talk birds in English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento. Of the many bird species she’s encountered, her absolute favorite are Corvids (crows, ravens, and jays). Eliana is not only a birding tour guide, but also a biologist, photographer, veterinary technician, ceramicist, and …. you name it, she does it.