Luke Tiller

Originally from London, England, Luke transplanted to the United States in 2003. As a professional hawkwatcher he has traveled the world to witness raptor migration and has experience counting raptors in North America, Europe the Middle East and Asia.

  • Luke has written about birds and birding for publications in the US and in Europe including Audubon Magazine, Birdwatch Magazine and the ABA’s Birding Magazine. As well as being a professional tour guide, he is employed as a wildlife biologist with an extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of Southern California. Based in Altadena, CA he loves sharing the incredible birds and wildlife of Los Angeles and Southern California with visitors. You will also find him at most birding festivals working on the ZEISS Sports Optics booth.

  • JW & JW, California 2021

    Luke & Adam did a great job. This tour was the perfect US specialty tour (will be interested to see more of these)... We covered tons of environments in a fairly small territory. Luke is a LA-area expert and aimed us exactly where we needed to be.