Meet Aaron Steed (Part Time Tour Leader)

Aaron Steed

Aaron has been interested in birds and natural history his entire life. Originally from Wilmington, NC, Aaron holds a B.S degree in General Biology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and has worked numerous ornithological field positions in North Carolina, Texas, Kansas, California and Arizona, focusing primarily on endangered or imperiled species (such as the Black-capped Vireo and Lesser Prairie Chicken).

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    Instead of going to grad school in 2013, Aaron decided to take the opportunity to become a professional bird guide and began working for Ventures Birding, leading local day trips in the Western NC region. In the years since, he has taken groups to Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, Honduras, Belize, Peru, Cuba, and Spain as well as a multitude of destinations across the US. Aaron likes to have fun with his groups, bringing a low-key professionalism and relaxed atmosphere to his tours. When he’s not guiding, he lives with his wife and a menagerie of pets.

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    EL, Kansas 2021

    A very enjoyable domestic trip. Kansas was beautiful in the fall and, while we may not have seen the greatest number of species, we saw enormous numbers of waterfowl – some species in numbers greater than all I have seen before combined. We were also able to view several species of beautiful sparrows which I never or rarely see in the West. I am so glad that Rockjumper is increasing the number of US trips as these relatively easy, short (1 week) trips are very appealing to me for just the pleasure of travel and birding without stress concern about visas or covid testing. Our guide, Aaron Steed was very familiar with the area and the birds we could expect. He was able to find a number of relatively uncommon and localized species for us.