Birding in Western India: Endangered Endemics, Vast Deserts, and Fascinating Cultures

Western India, including the states of Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujarat, is home to a staggering selection of rare and endangered birds, offering the opportunity to see range-restricted species that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. Some of the localized Indian endemics that can be found with relative ease in western India include Great Indian…

ABA Tanzania was a blast, ABA Colombia is up Next!

We wanted to look back at ABA Tanzania, the phenomenal group of folks we had, and the amazing things we saw. This was our fourth event with the American Birding Association, our biggest yet, and it was a thrill for all involved. There were a couple of “legs” to this trip: we convened on the lush slopes of Mt. Meru, at the safari capital of East Africa – Arusha, Tanzania – and then we were off for Tarangire National Park, followed by the endless plains of the Serengeti, before finishing up in one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders, the Ngorongoro Crater.