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Conservation Fund News

Rockjumper has always had a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and the conservation of birds and their habitats. To this end, the Rockjumper Bird Conservation Fund was established, which over the past few years has supported a number of conservation projects and organisations.

A recent contribution to African Birds of Prey Sanctuary has gone towards their Feathered Friend Programme, which provides injured or orphaned raptors with a chance of being rehabilitated or homed. Those that cannot be released live out their lives as ambassadors, and for some of the larger birds, this can be for up to 40 years!

In support of the African Bird Club (ABC) and the important conservation work that they carry out, Rockjumper has agreed to pay one year’s ABC membership fee for each tour participant joining a scheduled Rockjumper African tour. Should you participate in one of our African tours, not only will you receive the benefits of your membership to the ABC but will also enjoy the fact that you are supporting bird conservation.

During the 2010 British Birdwatching Fair, Rockjumper also sponsored a place on a tour to Ethiopia for a competition where all proceeds went to BirdLife International’s Saving Species from Extinction Program. This was won by Shirley Scott who joined our Ethiopia I tour earlier this year. In the past year, we have also hosted winners of prizes that were donated by Rockjumper Birding Tours to support the conservation efforts of both the Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PBRO) and the Point Reyes Nature Festival. PRBO conserves birds, wildlife and ecosystems through innovative scientific research and outreach, and we are proud to have offered prizes of a tour of Eastern South Africa for their annual fundraisers.