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Cruise & Explore with Rockjumper

All of the following tour options are packed with exciting birds and wildlife, all the while visiting an awesome selection of destinations from exotic tropical Asian islands to frozen tundra. Take your pick on a birding cruise from the Arctic Circle all the way down to the South!  

First on our list is the wildly exotic and bird-rich islands of Remote West Papua. Join us as we cruise through rarely explored islands where few birders have ventured before, in search of some of the most spectacular birds on earth! Each island has something different to offer, most with their own platter of endemic species set out for us to marvel at! No doubt we will go from highlight to highlight and just some of the birds we’ll be after include the likes of Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise (regarded by many as the most spectacular bird on earth!), Red Bird-of-paradise, Kofiau and Red-breasted Paradise Kingfishers and Kofiau Monarch.

Birding and wildlife viewing in pristine forests, swimming and snorkelling amongst unspoiled reefs, visiting remote, little-explored islands and seeing their associated local communities, what more could you want on a tropical birding cruise?

Another exceptionally exotic cruise, aboard a beautifully appointed liveaboard, packed with unique endemics, this tour hops from island to island through some of the planet's least explored seas, hoping to encounter a splendid selection of Asia’s most exciting and sought-after species!

From the eastern Indonesian islands of Tanahjampea, Kalao, Kalaotoa, Pantar, Alor, Wetar, Leti, Damar, Babar and the Tanimbars, we will be searching for a long list of mega species. The list of Just some of the specials to be found here include Tanahjampea Monarch, Tanahjampea and Kalao Blue Flycatchers, all of which were only rediscovered in 1993 after their initial collection in 1927, little-known Wetar Ground Dove, Timor Stubtail, Flores Sea Cuckoo-Dove, Timor Imperial Pigeon, endearing Damar Flycatcher, which was only rediscovered in 2001 after its initial discovery in the 19th century, Slaty-backed, Orange-banded and Fawn-breasted Thrushes, Wallace’s Fruit Dove, Blue-streaked Lory and the recently described (2019) Alor Myzomela. In addition, this area still holds undescribed species including a Macropygia (tentatively named Eucalyptus Cuckoo-Dove) which is currently subsumed within the Little Cuckoo-Dove complex and an undescribed nightjar, tentatively named Timor Nightjar.

This fantastic pelagic trip provides an opportunity to explore the Guadalupe and Socorro Islands, some of the most rarely visited islands on earth! Sitting far off the west coast of Mexico, these islands hold four endemic land bird species between them: Guadalupe Junco, Socorro Parakeet, Socorro Mockingbird and Socorro Wren. While permits to land are never guaranteed, at worst we should still be able to view Socorro Wrens from the skiff rides offshore.

These endemics are sure to get the heart racing, but it’s the rare and endangered seabirds that breed only here that may just steal the spotlight! We will have the unique opportunity of searching for Townsend’s Shearwater, Townsend’s Storm Petrel, Ainley’s Storm Petrel and Guadalupe Murrelet, as well as a splendid selection of other wonderful bird and mammal species!

The trip will be led by Adam Walleyn and Eric Antonio Martinez. Adam is one of the world’s most experienced seabirders and has extensive experience with almost all the world’s seabird and marine mammals during over 1 000 days spent at sea. Eric is one of Mexico’s leading birders and has spent decades guiding birders to every corner of the country. The trip will be operated on the most comfortable vessel that visits these waters with a captain and crew that have made several previous visits.

A cruise to Antarctica is a must for any nature enthusiast, not only to be blown away by the sheer scale and beauty of the landscapes but also for the journey there, incredible pelagic birding from the ship itself that could reveal species like Wandering and Light-mantled Albatross, Snow and Antarctic Petrel, and South Georgia Diving Petrel, stopping off to bird the remote Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Shetlands and, finally, the Antarctic continent itself. Along the way, we will marvel at some of the world’s last truly pristine wildernesses and be treated to spectacular vistas, hauntingly beautiful icebergs, and the planet’s greatest concentrations of marine wildlife.

Walking amongst vast, crowded nesting colonies of over 200,000 displaying King Penguins and their fluffy young is an experience that defies description. We will also set foot on Antarctica at the aptly named Paradise Bay.

Join us on this epic adventure as we take in all that this spectacular region has to offer, we will be cruising in comfort aboard Quark’s Ocean Adventurer.

Availability of cabins will be advised upon enquiry.

Experience the very best of what the Arctic has to offer on these unique expeditions to Canada’s Northwest Passage and Norway’s Spitsbergen! Stunning Arctic scenery, iconic wildlife and fantastic birds, one is presented with breath-taking opportunities to encounter the Polar Bear, as well as several whales, Walrus, Svalbard Reindeer and tens of thousands of seabirds.

Explore colorful Greenlandic villages, and shop for traditional Inuit handicrafts. Hike the endless Arctic backdrop and marvel at the vast, colorful tundra.

On this compelling 17-day journey aboard our game-changing new vessel Ultramarine, passengers retrace the steps of the intrepid Franklin Expedition, which left the shores of England in 1845 in search of the last unexplored section of the Northwest Passage—only to become permanently icebound. Its discovery more than a century and a half later was a much-celebrated moment in polar history.

Pack in all the excitement of an epic long arctic cruise into only seven days with the Spitsbergen Highlights!

In just a week, you’ll cruise through the pack ice up to 80°N along the west coast of Spitsbergen like an explorer of long ago, on a constant search for wildlife. Though this rocky island is covered in mountains and glaciers, the towering cliffs and fjords play host to a surprisingly thriving and varied ecosystem. Exploring as much of the area as possible will provide optimal opportunities to spot the most iconic of arctic wildlife, the polar bear.

The Maldives is an island nation nestled in the tropical waters of the central Indian Ocean, some 400 miles south-west of the southern tip of India. This tiny, idyllic Republic is composed entirely of coral atolls on which a staggering 1,200 sandy islands nestle. These are the picture postcard islands of your dreams, furnished with a tropical décor of swaying palms, white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons.

On your days with us, you can expect some of the finest cetacean viewing on the planet; in the last two seasons our lead guide, a well-known authority on cetaceans, has seen an astounding 18 different species.

Whilst keeping an eye out for tropical seabirds, we will scan the waters for such delights as Spinner and Risso's Dolphins, Sperm Whales and the gargantuan Blue Whale, the largest animal ever to have lived on the planet!