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© Tikal, Guatemala By Adam Riley
Africa and Madagascar Birding

Africa’s birds are generally larger, showier and more numerous and colorful

Africa & Madagascar

Although Rockjumper’s home continent of Africa can’t compete with South America on bird species diversity, it more than compensates in other ways. Africa’s birds are generally larger…

Antarctica & the sub-Antarctic Islands Birding

Penguins and seabirds against one-of-a-kind backdrops

Antarctica & the sub-Antarctic Islands

The Roaring 40s and Furious 50s give way to the Screaming 60s. Through each, endemics and seabirds prosper, amid some of the world’s most remote and scenic landscapes.

Asia Birding

Massive and spectacularly diverse


Not only does Asia burst with culture and history, but it teems with birds and wildlife too. From the towering Himalayas to the deserts of the Middle East, the vast steppes of Central Asia…

Australasia Birding

Some of the best birding experiences available anywhere


In Australasia, the odd and endearing thrive. Fascinating marsupials such as kangaroos and koalas captivate, just as the strange monotremes like platypus and echidna baffle…

Caribbean Birding

Host to loads of showy specialty species


Palm trees line the white sand beaches, as warm cobalt blue seas and limestone forests host loads of showy specialty species. Get your todies, your Palmchat, an Orangequit, and a Puerto Rican Tanager here.

Central America Birding

Spectacularly biodiverse and culturally rich

Central America

Biodiversity soars in the rich forests of the lowlands, and also along the altitudinal bands of the cordilleras and volcanoes. Tremendous historical and cultural sites highlight a region rich with neotropical bird.

Europe Birding

Well regarded from a cultural and historical point of view


The continent of Europe also offers up a wealth of significant birding and wildlife viewing opportunities. Our European tours take in a magnificent diversity of stunning locations…

North America Birding

World-class birding, scenery and infrastructure

North America

Grandiose and magnificent Alaska, the remote tropical uniqueness of Hawaii, and the Lower 48 offer all the birds and hotspots we long to see.

South America Birding

The world leader in species numbers

South America

Avian diversity reaches epic proportions in South America. Seven South American countries boast over 1,000 species – Colombia, the world leader in species numbers, is host to more than 1,900.