Kommetjie – Cape Town by Gareth Robbins

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Kommetjie – Cape Town by Gareth Robbins

Over the weekend I visited the seaside suburb of Kommetjie in Cape Town. It was spring tide today and the waves were huge and there were many surfers out enjoying their freedom in the ocean.

I found a small bay and noticed a few African Oystercatchers feeding on the rocks, thankfully the tide was low, so I was able to walk along the rocks and find a spot close enough to watch the birds and to wait to see what would happen. There was also a small roost of Greater Crested Terns and every now and then an adult bird would swoop in and feed the youngsters with a freshly caught Sardine. A Little Egret was feeding close by and made a few attempts to catch something to eat. Cape, Crowned and White-breasted Cormorants were present and the usual Hartlaub’s and Kelp Gulls too, including an inquisitive Cape Wagtail.  Overall, it was just nice to be sitting in nature enjoying a sunny day before the next cold front would arrive. 

Cape Wagtail
African Oystercatcher
Little Egret Hunting
Little Egret landing
Greater Crested Tern in Flight
Greater Crested Tern with food
Greater Crested Terns
Greater Crested Terns
Hartluab's Gull