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Mass Audubon Donation

“Dear Adam,

Thank you for your generous gift of $2,500 to Mass Audubon. As requested, your gift has been designated to support the Birders Meeting. We are very grateful for the steadfast support from Rockjumper and are delighted to have you again as a lead sponsor!

Wayne Petersen and our bird conservation team join me in our deep appreciation for your contribution. As sponsor, you provided valued financial support for Mass Audubon’s various Bird Conservation programs.

From restoring habitats for Babolinks to developing the Best Management Practices for Nesting Grassland Birds throughout Massachusetts, the Mass Audubon scientists use rigorous evidence-based data to restore and protect our state’s wild treasures. Ranging from pilot programs like the innovative Babolink Project, which pays farmers to protect fledgling Babolinks, to the expansion of the successful Foresters for the Birds program, to the long-established work of monitoring seabirds in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the Science and Bird Conservation staff are making remarkable progress in advancing the Mas Audubon mission.

Our work would not be possible without the commitment and support of donors such as yourself. Thank you for your generosity.


Gary Clayton