Uncover Northern Colombia

Uncover Northern Colombia

Welcome, to the Avian Wonderland of Northern Colombia!

As the country with more bird species than any other, Colombia is almost an overstimulation of the senses. Home to an impressive 1900 species of birds, including a phenomenal 89 endemics, the avian richness to be found here is simply extraordinary.

Colombia’s wealth of birds is a testament to its myriad habitats. Majestic Andean Cordilleras, serene inter-Andean valleys, lush Amazon and Orinoco lowland forests, isolated Santa Marta Mountains, picturesque Pacific and Caribbean coasts, vast deserts, sparkling lakes, and the dense Chocó wet forests all contribute to the plethora of niches that these many, many species occupy.

The Andean Cordilleras and inter-Andean valleys, in particular, play a crucial role in Colombia’s avian diversity. The evolution of these mountain ranges and valleys, with their varying altitudes, microclimates, and distinct vegetation zones, has led to a high degree of bird speciation and endemism, making Colombia such a unique biodiversity hotspot. Each cordillera and valley harbours its own set of avian treasures, waiting to be discovered.

With a staggering 89 endemic bird species, Colombia offers a truly unique birding experience. Our tours focus on a plethora of these endemics, offering birders the chance to see species that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. From Santa Marta Parakeet in the Santa Marta Mountains to Antioquia Brushfinch in the Central Andes, the endemic-rich birdlife of Colombia is simply astonishing.

Explore virtually untouched regions within the Central and Eastern Andean ranges, the Cauca and Magdalena Valleys, and remote corners of the Santa Marta Mountains. These areas, previously inaccessible to birders, are home to a variety of species, offering exciting new opportunities for an adventure to find otherwise hardly seen species.

Whether you’re a seasoned global birder or a nature enthusiast keen on exploring new frontiers, the sheer diversity of avian life within northern Colombia is sure to leave you spellbound. Join us on this unforgettable journey and immerse yourself in the magic of Colombian birding!